Make Your Gaming Experience Better With These Tips

Make Your Gaming Experience Better
Make Your Gaming Experience Better

Slow game loading, screen tearing, glitches, and blurred graphics ruin the fun and excitement of playing games, but there are simple things you can do to optimize the performance of your computer. Read on and follow the tips we have for you to have a better gaming experience.

Defragment your disk

Computer games often require you to have a fast computer. To achieve that, the first thing you should do is Defrag. When you save a file or install a program, it takes up space on your hard drive. Those files are next to each other. After installing and uninstalling, there will be pockets of free spaces in between the memory of the drive. The will fill those voids with program files, thus scattering the data of a single program.

Defragmentation will organize these files and put them again nearby, so the drive can continuously read the data. You must do this regularly to maintain and prolong the lifespan of your hard drive. Remember that it is not ideal to use your PC while defragging, but you have to keep it on. So it’s better to defrag every week at least, so it won’t take much of your time if defragmentation did not significantly boost the speed of your PC.

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Adjust Graphics settings

VSync: do you experience screen tearing? That’s because your monitor and graphics card are out of sync. Vsync can help synchronize your monitor refresh rate and the FPS your graphics card renders. If your monitor can take higher than 60FPS, you can disable it.

Screen Resolution: Try reducing your screen resolution to 1024 x 768; high resolutions may affect the game’s performance. You can use GPU scaling so the game will adapt to your monitor’s resolution, so if it can take 1024 x 768, it will run the game in a lower resolution. We recommend GPU scaling if you are playing older games, using it for new car games will only create input lag.

Anisotropic Filtering: it enhances the image quality, making the textures and images sharp and clear. However, it takes up much memory on your video card. Its effect on the performance depends on the computer to computer, so if you want better visuals and have the hardware for it, you might turn it on.

Anti-aliasing: This feature smoothes the edges of the game, so if you set it on low, the video output would seem flickering. It might affect your game because flickering is perceived as movement and will make it hard for you to spot moving objects. On the other hand, ultra mode gives a better visual, and it may take much work for your video card. Please turn this feature on, especially if your computer can handle the setting.

Upgrade your Hardware

If you managed to defragment, update, and tweak your graphics drivers and still need an extra performance boost, it’s time to upgrade your PC.

Upgrade your Graphics card 

Your graphics card will significantly influence your gaming pc experience. It is responsible for the quality and performance of the game. In other words, it gives high quality of graphics, and it boosts the FPS

Upgrade your SSD

SSD will reduce the load time in-game, however,  it will not boost your games frame rate. If you are planning to upgrade your SSD,  go at least with more than 250Gb so it can accompany newer games.SSD’s are mechanically faster than HDDs.

The following tips will make a difference in your visual graphics and performance, but it still depends on the existing hardware and the games you will play. All in all,  If you have the latest PC hardware, you can maximize your PC’s graphic resolution. But if you have limited hardware capacity, you should lower or eliminate insignificant graphics features.