How to Make Money with Theneurosphere Startup – the essence of the project

Theneurosphere Startup
Theneurosphere Startup

Theneurosphere is engaged in a seemingly difficult project that will allow everyone to receive income, and will greatly simplify the training of neural networks. In this article, we will take a closer look at the essence of this startup and the main differences that make it stand out among other similar projects.

The main idea of the startup

The basis of artificial intelligence (AI) is the data, without which training neural networks is simply impossible. The world’s largest corporations own most of the information space. For this reason, it may seem that there is no room for ordinary people in the AI-world, but it is not the case. Today, a competition with the information “holders”, that is, big corporations and the entire states is not a myth, but a reality.

In the machine learning field, there is still a lot of free space to fill with various kinds of projects, because information giants, unlike ordinary users, have no time for minor problems.

That is why Theneurosphere is launching the SYPWAI (Solve your problem with AI) startup.

There are four elements to the success of this project:

  • large sets of data;
  • investment for development and growth;
  • understanding of the subject area and the opportunities of the field;
  • finding solutions for the most important problems.

The essence of this startup is that artificial intelligence not only helps to solve many problems, but also enables its users to make a profit. Anyone can earn money by performing basic tasks. Anyone can participate in the project (a student, retiree, construction worker, teacher, housewife, a person with disabilities, etc.), there are no restrictions. However, the process is quite monotonous and even a little tedious. It is very similar to a child’s educational game. You need to look at the image, for example, of an animal, and say what animal this is. If it is a dog, we say “dog”, a cat – “cat” and so on, and you do it until your patience runs out.

You can say that this is boring, but the Theneurosphere developers have an undeniable argument – the monetary reward. For one hour, on average, it is quite realistic to earn up to $5, if you count the earnings per month, it comes up to about $300-400.

Theneurosphere startup is a stimulation of the brain

Of course, identifying animals is not difficult at all, but users can apply specific knowledge, and their earnings will be slightly higher. For example, students and retirees can easily distinguish a cat from a dog: day-to-day knowledge is quite enough for this task. And if you need to determine the brand of a car by its look, some special knowledge is required. So, a person who specializes in a particular field of knowledge upon applying for training a neural network will be able to place a mark in the “special skills” section.

Theneurosphere developers have long been engaged in working with artificial intelligence. They realized that there was a big problem – there was no way for businesses to define a separate space for data science, which creates solutions based on neural networks. It takes a colossal amount of time for the markup, and the AI market has not developed yet. By involving ordinary users, it is possible to create an infrastructure that could benefit everyone. In addition, as a result, a new occupation may appear – a data marker.

One of the Theneurosphere experts is confident that the platform will need hundreds of thousands of people since many organizations are already contacting their companies with the request to implement this AI into their businesses. That is why neural networks must be trained, and ordinary users can do this job well. As a result, Theneurosphere receives money from businesses and uses it to pay these people. Obviously, everyone wins.