How to Make Geography Easy For Class 10

Geography Easy For Class 10
Geography Easy For Class 10

Geography is the study of earth, its physical features, its atmosphere, how human activity affects the environmental process, and also how the environmental process affects human activity. In geography students also learn about how the population is distributed as well as resources, and political and economic activities. The term geography was first coined by Eratosthenes, a Greek scholar.

The word geography has been derived from Greek where Geo ( earth) and graphos ( description). Geography not only helps us to understand how the earth was formed or how the early man lived on earth but also to know more about the planet, its movements, and changes accordingly so that we can improve our present condition as well as our future generations. Geography is regarded as a high academic discipline, and accordingly it is not as easy as everyone thinks.

Geography is basically divided into two parts a) physical geography –  it means the study of biological, chemical and scientific aspects of the world. b) Human geography- it refers to the study of the political, economic, and social aspects of humans on the environment and the earth as a whole. Each sub-field is difficult as it seems and is not the simplest.

Here are some awesome tips as to how one can make geography easy and fall in love with the subject.

  • Read the contents: Reading the contents will give a clear idea to the students as to what kind of topics are in the Class 10 Social Science syllabus and students can pick their favourite chapter. Because geography is not about mugging up and it doesn’t help in any manner. Students may mug up before the exam but forget the main and important points.  Geography is all about understanding the more students understand the more they will be able to write. So it is very important for every student to analyze the chapters before they start studying.
  • Reading the chapters: students must always read the chapters before the teacher teaches in the classroom, this not oy helps the students to have a better understanding but also understand what the teacher is trying to explain. In many different scenarios Students don’t understand what Teachers are trying to explain and that is because they don’t have any idea about it. Reading the chapters beforehand not only helps the student to understand the basics but also helps the students to interact well with the teachers. It also improves student’s ability to listen in the classroom if they have the understanding about the topic and their crave to learn more will never stop.
  • Do not use highlighters:  This is the most common mistake every student commits, highlighting whatever they feel is important. That is very wrong because the whole book is important and not just a few points. This also increases the time Students take to finish the chapters because they are too engrossed in the highlighted points and want to remember that only. If students read the chapters line by line it will be easier they’ll finish on time too and gain more knowledge too.
  • Always draw maps/railway lines/ waterways: Students must always do a rough drawing of maps, railway lines, waterways and so on. Students have this typical mindset that they will remember if they read it multiple times. Map works doesn’t require reading, it requires patience and multiple drawings, so that students will know from which state or country it originated fr and this also helps students to boost up their knowledge while writing answers.
  • Materials: Students must always opt for NCERT books since it is recommended by CBSE all over India. This book not only helps students to understand the basics first, but also covers up the most difficult chapters in easier form with simple language. Geography is a subject which requires basic knowledge. First one cannot move to earth without knowing the solar system first. Apart from this NCERT books are the perfect guide for students who are appearing for board exams and make their study period easy.
  • Solve back Question and exam question paper: Back Question are present in every book and it is to test student’s knowledge after finishing the particular chapter. One shouldn’t get demotivated if they can answer the back questions. It means they can study more and come back stronger. Previous year question papers are very important not for knowledge but for checking if they have missed out anything. Yes, this also will help in the process of knowledge but the main aim of previous years question papers is to find out if they have missed out anything important.
  • Making your own notes: it is important not only for geography but for other subjects too, students cannot depend only on books they need notes too in order to understand the books. Students must make a habit of writing their own notes because it will help them to  understand the topics more and also writing notes can improve one’s writing speed which is the most important factor in board exams and why? Geography papers are lengthy!
  • Visit places:  For example, if one is studying about soil, rock , or crops grown he/ she can have a look at their own garden or a park when they can find different types of soils and rocks identify each rock type can be knowledgeable, or can visit the farmers to know more about crops hence secondary information can be useful too!
  • Eat enough food and rest: Many may question why food and rest while studying? It is believed that if one’s stomach is empty while studying he/she cannot concentrate well in studies our stomachs are connected without mind , if we are hungry our mind becomes restless and hence we cannot understand or remember anything. Getting good rest is very important after long hours of study because if one’s health deteriorates he/she will not be able to study for the next 3 days so one should choose wisely. Health and long hours of studies go together but if not balanced nothing can go well.