Low Prices for Galaxy Phones as Samsung Introduces a New Security Update

Low Prices for Galaxy Phones as Samsung Introduces a New Security Update

Phone upgrades always come with good news as they at times mean a better deal on the existing ones in the market. This is no different for the Samsung brand. Recently, prices on the Samsung Galaxy series phones have dropped as the company gets ready to introduce a major security upgrade to those who already own these phones. If you were waiting to get yourself whichever number on the Galaxy series, this might be your chance to visit a Samsung shop near you or your phone dealer.


Which phones are affected by the price drop?

Discounts are currently available for the fundamental S10 and the cheaper version, S10e. This might be the most significant price drop we will see for these phones. The S10 has a 512GB added storage, and its price has gone down by about £200. The drop is from its launch price of £999 to the current standing price at £789. Most dealers have embraced the price drop for the 512GB extended phone, including local Samsung shops to keep up with the competition. The highest price you will find it at is £799.

The price slash has also affected the S10+ and S10e. For the S10e that had a market starting price at £669, you can now find it at £599. Its counterpart goes down further to a rate of £400 in vintage shops. These prices are, of course, are not constant as different sellers will try as much as possible to come up with the best deal that makes buyers choose them over their competitors. The good news is that if you had the dream to own any of the Galaxy series phones but found them too pricey, now you might be able to fulfill your desires.

When prices start getting this low for recent models, it means that the older ones are also affected to some extent. For example, in this case, the price slash started for the S10 with the 512GB upgrade and ended up affecting the S10+ and S10e as well. The Galaxy S8 Plus, S9, and other models might as well experience the effects of the price drop to balance out the market prices. You might not have enough for the latest S10 yet, but now you can at least consider an S9 if not the other S10 versions.

The security upgrade

The price changes have come with the announcement of a new security upgrade for those who already own Samsung Galaxy phones. The upgrade has already been released to countries around Europe such as France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and Hungary. The updates are released monthly, which corrects any issues in Google Android and debugs any threats as well.

Security has always been a priority for Samsung, which has made it easy for the company to keep the trust that its consumers have in them. They are quick at responding to any security threats as well as those that concern the consumer’s privacy.


Every security update released to a Samsung device is related to its model, and the releases could either be monthly or quarterly. The patches include Android’s OS security concerns from Google, together with Samsung’s security updates. It’s easy to get the update if you are within the named countries, by only clicking the download and install option once you are in your settings’ section. Given that it is only a security upgrade, it is not large, only 112 MBs. For those who are yet to get the Galaxy series phones, they are now more affordable, so you can grab one within your budget as soon as possible.