I am sure you are fond of Facebook and maybe use twitter also. Do you publish same posts on both social sites by opening both social sites? So, we are here to save your time and we will help you to share the same post on both social sites with a single click. You can share a picture/video/quotes from a single place to both sites. We are sharing a tutorial to connect Facebook Page or Facebook Profile to Twitter Account.


Whats The Benefits of Connecting Facebook Account to Twitter

If you are thinking of benefits of this article, we want to tell you that it will save your couple of minutes and you don’t need to write the same caption in two places. After connecting your Facebook account to a Twitter account, your post will be shared on Facebook as well as Twitter also. You need to write a post on Facebook and after sharing there, your same post (content: pictures, videos, quotes) will be shared on Twitter account also.

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How To Connect Facebook Profile to Twitter Account

Requirements for Connecting Facebook Profile to Twitter Account

  1. Facebook Account logged in the same browser
  2. Twitter Account logged in the same browser
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Step by Step Guide to Connect Facebook Profile with Twitter

1. At first, please open your Facebook account in any browser where you are logged in as we said above.

2. Now, when your Facebook account is logged in, please open this official link: https://www.facebook.com/twitter/

3. You will a screen like this with your facebook name and all. Click on Link to Twitter.


4. After clicking on that button, you will be redirected to a Twitter account. Your twitter account must be logged in and you will get a window like this:


5. Click on Authorize App. It will allow Twitter to read your Facebook data (excluding sensitive data like a password).

6. Now, you will get back to the Facebook page where you will get few options to choose. You can choose all type of updates that you want to share on Twitter with your account.


7. Finally, tap on Save Changes to finish this tutorial.

Done! Now, all your status updates, photos, links, videos, notes and events will be shared on Twitter as soon as you shared on Facebook. You Can manage this setting anytime by following this link: https://www.facebook.com/twitter/

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How To Connect Facebook Page to Twitter Account

Todays, everyone has one or more Facebook pages to entertain public with memes, videos, and jokes. So, if you want to connect your Facebook page to a twitter account, please follow below steps:

1. Please open Facebook-Twitter link again in any web browser where you have logged in your Facebook account (which has page’s access).

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2. If you followed above steps to connect your Facebook profile and you succeed, you will get an option like this:


3. Check your page’s name click on Link to Twitter in front of the page name.

4. Now, log in to a Twitter account that you want to connect to the same Facebook page.

5. Authorize your account to sync your Facebook data to Twitter.

6. After given access to Twitter to read your Facebook account, you will get few options again to manage settings what you want to share on Twitter.

7. Done! Now, all your post from the Facebook page will be shared on Twitter also. It will save your time and you don’t need to write same content again.

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Last Words About Facebook Connection with Twitter Account

So, guys, we shared a step by step guide to connect Facebook to Twitter account. So, now we are sure that your Facebook account is now linked to Twitter. If you have any query, drop in the comment box below.


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