The Latest Backlinking Strategies That You Should Use in 2022

Backlinking Strategies

Did you know that experts estimate that Google changes its algorithm between 500-600 times every year? If you are a business owner and are looking to increase your marketing efforts via backlinking strategies, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share the latest strategies that every small business owner needs to know about. 

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Create Great Content

Creating great content that is helpful will make it easy for others that find value in it to share with their own audience. If you are looking for other brands, publishers, or bloggers to share your website, then you have to make sure that your content is worth people’s valuable time. 

Lots of brands and bloggers like to link back to survey reports, listicles, and studies. When you take the time to curate reports like this, it will make it so much easier to build backlinks because the more people begin linking back to your article, the higher it ends up in the search engine results. 

Keep in mind that sometimes it will take a bit of time and effort. It will be worth it in the end because when people find this type of valuable info on your site, they will link back to your site without you having to reach out to them. 

Contact Publishers and Bloggers

Another strategy is to send emails to publishers and bloggers that have your target audience but are not in direct competition with what you offer. You can start finding people to reach out to by doing a search on Google for your target keyword. 

Once the results pop up, copy the URL of each of the individual results and find the domains that are linking back to that URL with the help of a link analysis tool. Those sites that you find linking back to the URL are going to be great link-building prospects for you to email and speak to about sharing your links. 

The email can be short and to the point to make sure you don’t lose them. Something along the lines of:

“Hi XYZ!

I came across your article, (article title and URL) when I was looking for some more information about XYZ. It was a great read! I really enjoyed XYZ. 

I published a new guide about (article title and URL) and I thought it might be a good addition to your page. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you!


Sending an email like that can help build a relationship with multiple companies that can eventually agree to share your links with your choice of anchor text. Before you know it, you have plenty of backlinks coming back to your site. Some people get confused about the anchor text they should use, we recommend learning more in-depth the answer to “what is an anchor text?” before choosing anchor texts to link back to your articles. 

Guest Blogging

Although this strategy of backlinking is one of the best ways to get your website URL out there, the approach to guest posting has changed a bit. The key is to be both authentic and strategic when reaching out to companies. 

Also, you need to reach out to companies that are relevant to what your article is about, long gone are the days when you can write mediocre articles and share them in unrelated websites. Nowadays, Google has become smarter, and they are penalizing companies that attempt shady tactics like this. 

Make sure you are selective when choosing guest posting websites. You want to not only make sure they are relevant to your niche, but you also want them to have a high domain authority (DA) because this means that they are a trusted website by search engines. 

One of our best tips, when you are guest blogging, is to focus on delivering value vs focusing on link building. The more value you deliver, the more your hard work will pay off. To establish yourself as an industry expert, you want to have your links on sites such as Forbes, Inc, and any others that are viewed positively in your niche. 

Directory Submissions

Before the internet became a thing, businesses would be listed on the yellow pages. In today’s world, people no longer look through the yellow pages, instead, they go online and search for a service or product they need. 

This is why listing your business in directories with high authority is a must to gain reputable backlinks. When you are picking and choosing the directories that you are going to be listed on, make sure that they are relevant and aligned with your target audience. 

Also, fill out all the information that the directory submission requests in order to have a detailed listing of your business. There are some directories that are only going to ask for your business name, address, and phone number, but others will also ask for feature pictures and customer reviews. 

Which Backlinking Strategies Will You Apply?

Now that you have our top backlinking strategies, you can level up your innovative marketing and stay ahead of the competition. Remember to stay away from trying to build backlinks via shady companies that can get your website penalized by search engines such as Google. 

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