How Does Laser Helmets Restore Your Hair Growth?

Laser Helmets

Losing hair every day is fine as long as your scalp produces more hair strands. The problem arises when the growth phase starts shrinking. And that can be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, or age. 

In our fast-moving lives, not many of us are interested in invasive procedures like hair transplants as they restrict our daily activities. Therefore, people have started trusting Theradome laser helmets. 

Wondering what they are all about? Let’s take a look:

What is a laser helmet, and how does it work?

Laser devices come in many types. For example, you can buy a laser cap, a headband, a comb, and a helmet. There is no fundamental difference in all these devices, but they vary in their effectiveness. 

A laser helmet is a device that throws low-level LED light beams at a specific wavelength on your scalp. These beams increase blood circulation allowing it to reach hair follicles. Ultimately, the follicles convert the light beam into energy and trigger hair growth. 

How to use hair helmets?

To get the maximum benefit, you need to spend at least an hour every week wearing the helmet. Meanwhile, you can walk around and do your stuff inside your home. 

Also, it would be best not to drop the routine after seeing the results as it may hamper the growth phase, and your follicles will start going back to their normal growth state. 

Now that you know all about the helmets let us tell you how they can benefit you in the long run. 

Here you go:

1. Cut down on resting phase

According to experts, hair growth happens in two phases: a growth phase and a resting phase. The ratio of growth to rest is 9:1. This means that our hair is growing 90% of the time while they are resting 10% of the time. 

Laser helmets reduce the resting time by stimulating the hair growth cycle. As a result, our hair growth phase increases more than 90% and enhances hair growth

2. Improve hair volume

The LED light aimed at the scalp contains photons that fulfill nutritional requirements. It also rectifies scalp issues like hair thinning and clogged hair follicles, boosting overall hair volume.

Nourished hair follicles produce thicker hair strands that do not dry out and sustain in the scalp. 

3. No compromise on styling 

After applying hair products, our scalp often loses its moisture and starts shedding hair. As a result, people have to refrain from using sprays and gels, restricting them from getting their favorite curls, waves, and frizz etc.

But, after using the laser helmet, you will experience an improvement in your hair’s tensile strength. Your shafts will become stronger. Therefore, you will be able to get those gorgeous curls back. 

4. It is a safe process.

People are often skeptical about the safety of laser devices. Well, laser light radiation in helmets is very low. It does not cause any brain complications and damage your scalp.

FDI approved the use of these devices back in 2007. Therefore, people can be assured of their safety while using these helmets. 

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Final Thoughts

Laser helmets are trending for good, but their effectiveness may vary in different people. For example, some people get their desired results within months, while others may take several years. 

The effectiveness of these helmets depends on the nutritional requirements of your scalp. If your scalp is severely infected, this treatment may not work that well. 

Therefore, we recommend you consult your dermatologist before buying this helmet. Only an expert can diagnose your scalp and suggest the best treatment for the same.