All You Need to Know About Popular Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

Who doesn’t love a tasty online casino bonus? Some of these can reach dizzying heights regarding how much they are worth. However, don’t be fooled by so-so rewards. The true value of a casino bonus is not in how much it is worth when you deposit but, in the terms, and conditions that are attached to the bonus. Allow us to explain the ideal terms if you want to play with the best online casino bonuses around, the same kind of deals you can get when you join Casino and other top sites.

Minimum Deposit Limit

Firstly, a good bonus will be claimable even if you don’t deposit a huge chunk of change. You should be able to prosper from top deals without depositing an arm and a leg at online casinos. A decent minimum deposit limit (the minimum amount you must deposit to claim a bonus) should be no more than, say, $25.

Maximum Win Cap

At the same time, you don’t want to have your winnings limited. It is often the case that free spin bonuses (not so much deposit bonuses) limit how much you can win with the bonus. These should be high in relation to the amount you deposit and the bonus if the offer is to be of any use.

Game Eligibility

Some bonuses may have specific rules on what you can splash the cash on. For instance, some may permit you to use your bonus on all manner of games at the casino. Others may specify that they can only be used on slots, table games or live casino titles. The more flexible a bonus is in terms of game eligibility, the better.

Maximum Bet Limit

If you claim a cash-based bonus, then you will likely face maximum bet limits. These state how much (of your total bonus funds) you can wager on a spin, hand, or turn. For instance, you might claim a $100 bonus but only be allowed to stake $5 per spin on slots. The higher this figure is, the better the bonus will be.

Withdrawal Caps

Withdrawal caps are also a factor with some offers, specifically free spin deals. While you may be eligible to “win” any figure with the bonus, you may only be able to withdraw a specific amount, leaving you required to wager the rest. We’re not a fan of withdrawal caps on bonuses.

How to Claim the Bonus

Each bonus will have its own way of being claimed. For instance, some casinos automatically trigger bonuses. Others are activated when you tick a box and opt-in. Some require you to enter promo codes to trigger them. The exact method of the bonus can be found on the terms and conditions page. The best bonuses are those that require you to confirm that you wish to receive them.

Wagering Requirements

Finally, we get to wagering requirements. These state that you must wager your bonus (or your deposit and bonus total) several times before you can withdraw. This is so you don’t run with the casino’s cash. It is not uncommon to find wagering requirements of 35x to 40x. Of course, playthrough rates that are lower than this are appreciated, while those rollover requirements set to above 40x should be avoided.