How to Jazz Up Your Home With Window Shutters

Window Shutters

Are your shutters looking outdated and causing your home’s interior to look too shabby for your liking? You may want to consider updating them today! With the shutter business is expected to grow to $800 million by 2022, it’s no wonder why more and more Americans are opting to use them. 

More than just a practical way to block light that causes glare and keep your rooms from overheating, shutters for windows can transform the look of your space after a simple installation. 

Keep reading to learn some of the top benefits of designing with window shutters–exterior and interior!  

Draw Attention to the Exterior 

Keep in mind that exterior window shutters don’t need to serve a practical purpose. Although many shutters on the outside of homes look functional, many of them serve the role of decoration. This is because shutters can make the front of your house look more interesting–they draw your eyes towards the front of the home. 

Keep in mind that when the shutters close, they should be able to completely cover your window. Even if they’re purely decorative, making sure you get shutters that are the right size will look more attractive. 

Connect With Nature

If you have beautiful views outside your home, the last thing you want to do on most days is obscure that view with curtains or interior window shutters. However, plantation shutters can be a great compromise. Some plantation shutters can be attached to divider rails so that you can easily roll them away from floor-to-ceiling views. 

When it gets too sunny outside, you can control how much you can see outside and the amount of light coming inside through the adjustable slats. 

Traditional Charm

Keep in mind that plantation shutters can be a great choice if you want to capture the feeling of traditional charm–regardless if you live in the country or the city! Regardless of your home’s style, plantation shutters can feel right at home if you have a mixture of modern and traditional furniture. 

However, plantation shutters can also look modern and fresh if you paint them in an accent color such as yellow, dark blue, or red. Lastly, remember that these types of shutters can also become a focal point on their own. If you have window seating or windows that preview a gorgeous view, consider adding shutters in order to create more interest. 

If you’re interested in window shutters for your own home, take a look at these window services today. 

Consider Window Shutters for Your Home Today

Shutters still haven’t become outdated–in fact, their popularity and the shutter industry itself are growing each year. Homeowners are discovering that not only do they service a practical purpose for interiors, but they can also elevate the look of interior and exterior spaces. 

By delivering a touch of traditional charm, homeowners can paint window shutters in trendy colors or fun designs in order to create their own unique aesthetic. 

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