Is Tirlu Legit?

Is Tirlu Legit

The proliferation of cryptocurrencies and their rapid growth naturally spawned dozens of exchanges. exchangers and other crypto-related platforms on the web. And a decent portion of them turned out to be nothing more than scams, designed to quickly rid unsuspecting users of their hard-earned money. So it is necessary to check every single platform you use, especially if there is money involved. And today we will take a very close look at

What is Tirlu?

Tirlu is a cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can sell Bitcoin or Litecoin for PayPal USD. This is the only exchange direction offered by the platform – you can’t buy crypto here, and you can’t sell your coins for any currency other than PayPal USD. It may look limiting at first glance, but there are very few platforms that allow you to sell any crypto for PayPal due to the corporation’s policy. Thus, Tirlu is a unique exchanger.

In addition, it has a few other advantages:

  • Ease of use
  • Complete anonymity
  • A slightly higher than average exchange rate

These advantages are not “too good to be true”, but still are quite attractive. So it is certainly worth it to take a closer look at Tirlu.

 Is Tirlu Legit or a Scam?

First of all, it must be noted that Tirlu has been operating since 2016 without even a single day off. This alone proves that it is not a scam project – it is simply pointless to run a scam for so long. 

Second, there are hundreds of users’ reviews about Tirlu all over the internet, which are mostly positive. Negative reviews almost exclusively tell about problematic interaction with PayPal, and not with Tirlu itself.

Third, Tirlu acknowledges that there is an inherent risk associated with using their platform – PayPal may block your account. But they openly and clearly warn about said risk and provide instructions on how to minimize it. Thus, Tirlu can be considered an honest and legit project,

What are the risks associated with using Tirlu?

Receiving money for selling cryptocurrencies (or for any other crypto-related operations) is against PayPal’s Terms of Service. Thus, if their monitoring system or support service decides that you’ve been selling crypto for PayPal, they will put your funds on hold or even completely block your account.

Therefore, Tirlu sends funds in multiple transactions marked as “payments for goods and services” and from different accounts. In addition, the platform provides extensive instructions on how to make your payments look not like profits from selling crypto and is ready to guide you through conversations with PayPal employees if the need arises.


Tirlu is a legit and honest platform that is extremely open about the risks you face when using it.