Is paid backlink service still alive?

Is paid backlink service still alive
Is paid backlink service still alive

On the wave of web promotion, optimizers are looking for different ways to put their product in the top positions. Backlink service is one of the reliable sources to get such an upgrade. And, yes, they are still alive and play an essential role in the SEO optimization of sites.

The essence of paid backlink service

Backlink service is a complex system designed to enable users to buy links to their sites or sell links from their homepages. Optimizers use them to promote web pages, and webmasters use these services to get money from their sites.

The search algorithm works according to one simple principle: the more closely the content matches the user’s query, the higher its relevance. Nevertheless, there are many high-quality texts on the Internet, and this abundance makes it difficult for search engines to work properly. To solve this problem, link mass has been added as one of the ranking parameters. The more sites and pages link to a specific site, the more valuable it is for search engines.

However, link mass management is a more complex process than managing your content. You can write texts of any volume for the site, but this number will not work with links. It would help if you searched for relevant websites visited by representatives of your target audience and negotiated with their owners.

Thus, there is a simple solution. You can obtain links to promote sites on special services. You can buy them on trustworthy sites, personal blogs, and news portals—the prices vary.

That is, a high-quality link mass is a prerequisite for promoting sites among a bunch of competitors. Without it, you will not be able to get to the first positions. However, keep in mind that it will not be possible to make a profitable promo with the help of links alone. Today, you need to approach this issue comprehensively.

The number of backlinks posted on third-party resources leading to your site has an auspicious effect on it and raises search engines’ trust in the site. Backlink services are one of the most effective tools for buying links. You can find the best paid links on Adsy. The whole process is entirely automated. Also, it saves the webmaster’s time since it is not easy for an average person to deal with the owners of 100 sites and try to agree on the links’ placement. That is why you need to resort to the help of such portals.

How it works

Those who are not familiar with such platforms can be puzzled about how buying or selling links works. However, the interface for working with buy and sell backlink services is quite simple. In general, it is a kind of a negotiating tool for two sides.

That is, there are two groups of people participating in backlink’s purchase. The first group includes optimizers. They buy links to promote their projects. They are offered a range of tools to obtain them. Optimizers who are intent upon high-quality site promotion, by acquiring a link to the site, contribute to site optimization, its competent support, and further promotion.

The second category includes webmasters. They sell links from their site, receiving money for it. It is worth noting that for some people, this occupation is the main one, and they constantly create sites to sell links from them.

How to buy links on backlink service

The buying and selling processes are automated. That is, the webmaster inserts a special script on his website that places links. Best blogger websites to putting contextual links paid guest posting service are all about sticking with the natural. Also, he or she monitors and controls what is happening in the service administration panel to control the process. In their turn, optimizers simply find the required resources on the service and ask the webmasters to place links while indicating the cost.

It is worth noting that the link price depends on the quality of links and the following parameters:

  • Thematic citation index (TIC) of the site. It means that the higher the citation index, the more authoritative the resource is. As a result, you get more trust in your site, and respectively the price becomes higher;
  • A number of outgoing links from a page. It is a crucial parameter since it directly determines how much trust your site will receive. The more links there are on the page, the less weight your site gets. As a result, you need to choose pages with a minimum number of links;
  • Quality of the page and the site. As a whole, it can be assessed by the uniqueness of the content, by TIC indicators, the age of the site, and so on;
  • The thematic area of the resource. It is also an essential aspect. The closer the theme of the site is to yours, the better;
  • Domain age. The older the domain, the more authoritative it seems. As a result, your site gets more trust;
  • Presence of filters imposed on the site by search engines. It is one of the main parameters since it determines whether the link will be useful or not. Search engines impose certain sanctions on some sites. This is due to many reasons, but the most common is the abuse of selling links;
  • Link placement. On the Internet, users are always discussing whether it is true that the higher the link is to the top of the page, the higher its weight.

Of course, you can say that you do not want to pay the services to get links because the expenses on the support and development of the site are already serious. Nevertheless, just imagine how you would look for one webmaster on the global Internet. And how much time, and hence money, you will spend on such searches. It is much easier to use the backlink services, where you can find as many links as you need. Also, do not forget that it is much easier to control them in this way.