Is Functional Alcoholism Really Functional?

Functional Alcoholism

It is hard to cope with the endless amount of travesties that are happening in modern society.

And these current events get compounded on top of unresolved traumas. The weight of emotions is why you see so many people turning to drugs and alcohol for comfort.

Alcohol is very easy to access and cheaper than traditional therapy.

Some even believe that functional alcoholism is possible. But the effects of overindulging in alcohol can be costly. 

Alcoholism takes over your free will, making it hard to shake the habit. Consider healthier coping mechanisms if you find yourself in a difficult time. Alcohol addiction can go unnoticed, so you don’t even realize when you’ve become a real addict. If you still recognize that you have a problem and cannot solve it yourself, you should seek the help of an expert. Seeking help and becoming aware of your problem is already half the work done. There are many alcohol rehab centers across the country, especially in Toronto. Toronto rehab centers provide many different facilities to drag away attention to patients from addiction. The sooner you start treatment, the shorter the recovery process will be.

Let us discuss the ramifications of functional alcoholism.

Signs of Alcoholism 

Spotting an alcohol addiction is tricky if a person looks presentable and is likable. But the façade fades over time and reveals someone who needs help. 

Look out for these signs if you suspect someone you know is abusing alcohol.

First Drink in the Morning

If you live with a person who enjoys drinking, pay attention to when they drink.

Drinking alcohol first thing in the morning is an early sign of alcoholism.

Mood Stabilizer 

Alcohol is known to uplift your spirits. But using alcohol to mask negative emotions is dangerous.

The emotions will still be there once you are sober and cause you to drink to feel good again.

Liver Issues 

Drinking alcohol consistently leads to irreversible health issues. The liver gets overworked because it filters out toxins that cause alcohol poisoning. 

But the liver loses its filtration function when drowned in alcohol. You can develop cirrhosis in the liver and need medical assistance to pump your stomach.

Number One Expense

An insatiable appetite for alcohol can eat up any household budget. Suddenly a person will sacrifice their grocery budget to satisfy their alcohol craving.

Alcohol and Work

Drinking or being drunk on the job goes against workplace policy. You will lose your job and unemployment benefits if you get caught intoxicated.

And you could end up in jail if you cause a workplace accident while under the influence. It will be hard to find another job if you end up with a criminal record.

Alcohol and Parenting

Parenting under the influence is unfair and unsafe for the child. And child protection services get involved with child custody and alcohol abuse cases. 

If you live in a state with strict alcoholism laws, you can have your child taken from you. You need to complete court-ordered requirements to get your child back. 

You may have to attend a few alcohol anonymous meetings. Or the court may ask you to submit CDT testing every week.

And even once you get your child back, you have to live with the pain of losing them in the first place.

Functional Alcoholism

Functional alcoholism does not exist and is an excuse to justify addiction. Alcoholism can ruin your reputation and take away your freedom.

Visit the Legal section to learn about other ways alcoholism impacts your rights.