iPhone Launcher for Android – Best 5+ iOS Launchers [Free, Pros & Cons]

Android is the most popular mobile operating system but iPhone has always been a wish of many people due to its performance and clean look. But it is unaffordable for some people in comparison to Android, so today we will tell you some iPhone Launchers for Android so that you can use them to give your Android phone a touch of iPhone.

iPhone Launcher for Android – Best 5 Launchers

1. One Launcher

One Launcher is no doubt the best launcher you can have if you want the iOS interface packed with some cool customization features. It is free to download and gives the users an exact feel of how iOS works.

One Launcher for Android

It is customization, so you can arrange apps according to your usage. Its UI is clean and lightweight. Just like iOS, you can press and hold the app icon to move it around. It also has a search feature similar to Spotlight Search. There are smart widgets options which add display clock on the screen. There is also a Lock screen Settings feature that takes you to the play store page of One Locker that brings the iOS lock screen on your phone. You can always customize the transition effects and several other things

You can play with various settings, preferences and download themes from the ‘One Tools’ folder. It also allows you to enable ‘Single Hand’ mode for easy access to all the apps with one hand.

Some of its key features include :

  • Simple and lightweight.
  • Clean & uncluttered home screen replacement.
  • Customizable home screen with lots of flexible theme options.
  • Smart widgets and Effects.

We as a whole can say that overall experience with One Launch is always awesome.

2. XOS Launcher

Another launcher application which you can use to give iPhone look and feel to your Android phone is XOS launcher. It brings smart widgets, effects, flexible theme options, and a customizable home screen. With this launcher, you will find deleting and be moving apps very simple.

ZOS Launcher for Android

The best thing about this launcher is that it not only gives your Android phone look of an iOS but you can also transform it into other Android brands such as Samsung, LG, Huawei etc. If you will go for the iOS them the icons will look exactly the same as iOS. It is loaded with the default wallpapers of iOS and other user interfaces. It works fine on most of the Android devices and puts less load on your Android phone.

Features of XOS Launcher:

  • Simple, lightweight.
  • Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier.
  • Customizable home screen with lots a theme options.
  •  Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options.

3. Launcher for iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is a decent-functioning iOS launcher for Android devices that enables you to get the iPhone lock screen on your smartphone.It is Quad HD resolution ready launcher that tries to give you a similar experience of iPhone.

It has smooth icons, good transition, smart swipe down the search, long press to uninstall apps and more. You need to buy iPhone 7 cases click here.

Features of Launcher iPhone 7:

  • Smooth icon animations.
  • Custom icon pack for many apps.
  • WQHD wallpaper.
  • Power efficient.
  • Smart Swipe down search screen.
  • Long Press to Uninstall Apps


  • The lock screen is only activated after the device is unlocked.

4. Phone X Launcher

Phone X Launcher is the exact replica of iOS with similar kinds of icon and wallpaper. It needs access to read your notification to show you notifications on the lock screen. If you want the exact same experience as you get in the iPhone, this launch is for you.

iPhone X launcher for android

Features of X Launcher:

  • Smart Search: Smart Swipe down search screen.
  • Beautiful Wallpaper to decorate your screen.
  • Support Lock screen display with Passcode and Pattern Lock.
  • iOS Search: Last used app, searches including apps.
  • Consume less memory and battery, simple and clean design.
  • Control Center iOS 11.
  • Smart Toggle for Wifi style, Silent mode, Airplane Mode, Data Connection, Bluetooth, Touch Vibration with Control Center app, you can customize more styles such as size, color, position, vibration.
  • Fast, convenient, time-saving and one-touch tasks.


OS 10 Launcher is one of the best launchers which you should try to get similar UI to iOS 10. The system icons are replaced with Apple ones, even the non-system apps have rounded to match the iOS style. It nails down most of the aspects, right from the transitions to the app opening style.

IOS 10 Launcher for Android

The best part is the options to customize the way you need it. You can adjust the horizontal & vertical app counts on the home screen, app icon size, name size, color & other aspects.

Features of OS 10 Launcher:

  • Personalized.
  • Quick Touch- Fast, Convenient and Time-saving.
  • Hide APP- Protect your privacy.
  • OS Search- searches including apps,contacts,etc
  • OS Booster- Clear the memory to make your phone run faster
  • OS Market- Gathered the world’s hottest and latest games and apps.

6. Nova launcher

If you are looking for a launcher with 3D touch, a well-known feature in iPhone 6S and later then you should choose Nova launcher. Though you will not get all the features or look and feel of iOS, you will definitely get 3D touch with this launcher.

Nova iPhone launcher for android

3D touch is the capability to perform certain actions without opening the app. Similar to other apps, this launcher also comes with some cool themes and widgets.

Features of Nova launcher:

  • Icon Themes and Subgrid positioning
  • Color controls
  • Customize App Drawer
  • Infinite scroll
  • Backup/Restore
  • Widgets in dock
  • Fast

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Here we are with the top list of iPhone Launcher for Android. You have an option to choose depending on the features you like to implement on your Android devices. These iPhone launchers for Android will allow you to enjoy the flexibility of Android with the feel of iPhone.


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