Top 10 iPhone Camera Tips and Hacks – Night Photography Tips

iPhone Camera Tips and Hacks – After processors, camera is the first love of teenagers, especially girls. Manufacturers understand it very well and hence working hard to provide best camera quality. They always try to offer feature rich and sharp quality cameras for customer satisfaction. But in many Android and iPhone mobiles, you may have noticed that photos are nice at day but get sluggish in low light or at night. However, you can improve quality of images by some simple tricks. This post is dedicated to 10 methods to take better photos at night with an Android and Apple iPhone smartphone.


Each camera varies in quality and features significantly. I agree that a perfect selfie is a result of the perfect hardware. But at the same time I believe that you can make a medium quality image to nice quality by some software modifications.

Take Night Time Pics with Amazing Effects and Quality

Here, we will tell you how to take amazing photos at night in your iPhone and Android phone. We are sharing some personal and professional tips and tricks to shoot amazing photos at night. So guys, follow these tips and take a superb picture at night.

Top 10 iPhone Camera Tips and Hacks to take Amazing Pic at Night

#1 Avoid Shaking

Shaking disrupts images even in proper lightning. At low light, smartphone needs more light exposure. Even a small shaking may blur your photos. That’s why avoid shaking as far as possible.

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#2 Don’t Use Digital Zoom

Do you think that digital zoom in smartphone cameras really zoom in? Actually, such cameras have fixed optics hence they can only blow up pixels. It just reduces clarity in images. You can imagine how pixels of images get scattered on printed paper when you force stretch them. A similar effect is produced by digital zoom.

#3 Flash Actually Can’t Help

It is commonly believed that camera flash is suitable for low light. But according to experts, flash help more in daytime rather than mid-night pics. Sometimes flash may help but keeping off bad camera flashes often produce better results.

#4 Enable HDR (Recommended)

HDR or high dynamic range is built in feature in almost all android and iPhones. It combines different exposures to provide more details. This feature amplifies shadows and prevents overexposure of bright areas. Experimenting with it may give you satisfactory product.

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#5 Adjust ISO Settings

ISO settings help to adjust the sensitivity of camera towards light. You can easily find this option in almost all camera apps. You can increase or decrease light sensitivity of camera sensors using this feature. In dark situation, turning up ISO may increase clarity.

#6 Reduce Exposure Level

When we shoot any picture at night, brightness matters the most. So, you must reduce exposure level in your camera setting. Simply, exposure setting refers to the brightness level of the picture.

#7 Decrease Shutter Speed

Shutter speed also affects the quality of images. Less shutter speed allows the camera to capture more details and thus increase visibility.

#8 Turn on Night Mode

If you are in hurry and just want to take a viewable photo, you should just enable night mode. It is a combination of all suitable settings. Night mode stabilizes the camera and allows you to take nice shots at low light.

#9 Utilize Camera Apps

There are many photo capture and selfie apps available which can enhance your images. Each camera app uses different algorithm and complex processing techniques. That’s why you may get better quality using these apps as compared to your default camera app. So start testing from now and find your best night camera app.

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#10 Edit Your Photos

If you do not want to use complex filters and settings, you can try photo-editing apps. Even in smartphones, you can use PicsArt or Photoshop to edit your photos. Editing photos can improve details and make your photos better. More than that, these tools provide you wide range of stickers and cool effects. You can easily convert a night image to superb quality image by minor editing.

#11 Use Add-ons

Additional hardware may also prove beneficial in many cases. Like you can use tripod stand to reduce shaking which helps you to take sharp images. You can also use a nice quality USB flash which may help you if used from an appropriate distance. It must not be too hard to wash of picture nor too light to become useless.

Last Words about iPhone Camera Hacks and Tips – So these are ten modern techniques to beautify your photos. It will surely help you to take better photos at night with an Android or iPhone smartphone. You can also experiment with other advanced settings and come up with your own technique. Tips, you can transfer pictures and photos to PC in one click with all-in-one iPhone manager. Hope you find these tips useful. Keep visiting and keep sharing for more tips and tricks like this.