iPhone 13 Tips and Tricks

iPhone 13

Did you know that over a billion people own an iPhone?

Despite being one company, Apple has an impressive grasp on the smartphone market. It’s a premium brand that doesn’t come cheap, and yet year after year, people continue to buy into the Apple ecosystem.

But if you’re coming to the new iPhone 13 from Android–or an older Apple device–you may seem totally lost. New feature updates always make old phones work like brand new–and be more complicated.

Not to fear. In this guide, we’ll give you all the iPhone 13 tips you need to make this your best–and last phone. Keep reading for more.

iPhone 13 Tips App

It can be overwhelming knowing how to use the iPhone 13 as a brand-new user. Fortunately, Apple makes an app for just that: the iPhone Tips App. This shows all the iPhone 13 features in one handy place. 

It divides up the features into convenient categories such as appearance or usage. Follow the step-by-step tips to learn how to use all these helpful tools.

Measure Things With the Measure App

Do you ever wish you had a ruler on hand to measure things on a whim? It’s not that convenient to carry around a meter stick in your purse. So instead, you can use the measure app.

This uses augmented reality to place a point on an object. Using invisible infrared light and computer technology, your phone can measure nearby objects with stunning accuracy.

Keep Track of Family and Friends

Android makes you go through the hassle of having to download third-party apps to see where your family and friends are. With Apple, it’s all built-in.

Navigate to the “Find My” app. You can track not only your other Apple devices but friends and family who have agreed to share their location. Rather than waiting for them to respond to a text asking where they are, you can see their location in seconds.

Prevent App Tracking

Everyone is tired of all those apps that collect your personal information. Android does little if anything at all to curtail this. Apple on the other hand, has it baked into the code.

Navigate to the Privacy tab in your iPhone 13 and find the Tracking section. Here, you can prevent any and all apps from tracking you.

Choose Fun Photographic Styles

If you’re not a fan of the default filter or style on the camera, you won’t need to settle. Look for the wheel that appears just above the camera shutter button. Hold it down and scroll to select different styles.

You can choose anything from warm to rich contrast until you find your preferred style. Or, you can edit photos in the Photos app until they’re just perfect.

Copy Text from an Image

In many places that you visit, they’ll post the wifi password on a piece of paper. It’s annoying to have to type in all the characters, especially with the ones that are indistinguishable such as 0 and O. With iPhone 13, you can just take a picture.

Once you snap a shot, navigate to the Photos app. Hold down on the text, and your iPhone will select it–even if it’s handwritten. Then copy the text and paste it wherever you like.

You can also do this with your camera without taking a picture! Just select the text option below and activate live text. You can copy the text from an image and copy it wherever you like.

Setup Bedtime and Focus Modes

It’s impossible to sleep if your phone is dinging and vibrating all night. Instead, activate bedtime mode. Your phone won’t chime with any notifications while you’re sleeping–except those that matter to you.

Focus mode is excellent for when you’re working and need to avoid phone distractions. Start focus mode and your phone won’t get any notifications until deactivated.

Invite Non-Apple Users to a Facetime Call

If you have a friend who you want to use Facetime, you don’t have to worry if they don’t have Apple. During your Facetime call, use the Create Link option. Then send the link to a friend.

They can open this link from their browser and join the call. It doesn’t matter what platform they use as long as they have a camera and a microphone. 

Protect Internet Traffic With Private Relay

Private relay is similar in many regards to a VPN. It masks your traffic, running it through two relay points before reaching its end destination. It encrypts the traffic, masking your IP address, DNS info, and other characteristics.

What this does is give you the ultimate privacy experience. You will need to pay for iCloud to get this benefit, but in the end, it will keep you mostly anonymous while browsing new websites.

Double or Triple Tap the Back for More Options

If you want more control of your phone, then you have a nifty feature at your disposal: tapping the back of your phone. Go to the Accessibility settings and the Touch section. There, you can enable tap features.

Tap twice, or tap three times to activate a feature. Many people use this to bring down the notification drawer or to see their control center. This makes it easier than having to reach all the way up and pull down.

Download Photos to Your iPhone

You may have seen a video on the internet that you wanted to download, but it’s a video with no download option. Fortunately, there are ways to download most internet videos. Click this helpful link to find out more.

Make sure to subscribe to iCloud to back up those photos. That ensures that you don’t lose them if something unfortunate happens to your Apple device.

Get an iPhone 13 Today

Now that you know these iPhone 13 hacks, you can use the device to its full potential. Just remember to keep the iPhone 13 tips app on hand any time you want to know what else your device can do. Apple is constantly adding new features, so you’re guaranteed to receive more as time goes on.

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