An Introduction to Airline Miles, Explained Simply

Airline Miles
Airline Miles

Americans only redeemed about a tenth of their frequent flyer miles in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. To promote the new year, airlines have increased the worth of the mile to make it worthwhile for every customer. However, is it truly worth it? 

To decide, we take a look at frequent flyer miles. From its very definition to how you can earn more, so you can determine if frequent flyer miles are right for you. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at airline miles: 

What Are Frequent Flyer Miles?  

Airline miles or otherwise known as frequent flyer miles is the airline loyalty program where generally you collect miles based on how much you spend on airplane tickets and other travel-related expenses. Once you’ve earned miles, you can use them to purchase flights, hotel rooms, and other travel rewards at a discounted rate. 

It’s like any other loyalty program out there. Once you spend a lot of money, the company will reward you by gifting you with something for free. 

How To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles

There are two ways to earn rewards, either by signing up through the airline directly or through a credit card that offers airline miles. However, both work in vastly different ways. 

So if you choose to sign up with an airline, you’ll get a free account number that you can use to purchase flights. After each flight, you’ll earn miles for their full worth, and when you earn enough, you can redeem a free flight or other travel rewards.  

However, credit card frequent flyer miles work differently. You see, you earn points for the total amount that you spend on your credit card. Once you’re able to redeem your points, you can choose to retrieve them through frequent flyer miles. 

Although, what the miles are worth depends solely on the credit card. After all, it’s easier to rack up points since it’s based on the total amount you spend vs. what you spend at one company. 

That’s why people prefer to earn miles through a credit card. While the miles themselves may not be worth as much however it’s easier to get to your goal and earn them accordingly. 

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How To Use Frequent Flyer Miles 

Now there’s not a right or a wrong way to use frequent flyer miles. For example, you can use your miles to upgrade your flight or include other travel perks to your vacation, such as a rental car or another night in your hotel. You can even use your miles to book a flight to popular destinations like Orlando, Los Angles, and New York for less.

Use Your Airline Miles Today 

Frequent flyer miles are a great travel reward. Since you can earn them either through a specific airline or a credit card, you’re able to rack up miles pretty easily. Once you’ve earned enough miles, you can spend them on upgrading your flights, booking a rental car, or even purchasing tickets for a popular destination. 

So what are you waiting for? Start earning your miles today. 

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