Install Apple App Store On Your Android Phone
If you love Apple iPhone and its App Store but you don’t have iPhone, then we can help you to install apple app store on your android phone or device. We have a trick that will make you able to install apple apps on your android phone. It is possible to browse the Apple App Store on your Android device. You can browse all apple apps on any android with some simple steps. Let’s start…

Install apple app store on android phone
Apple App Store on Android Phone
Step 1.  Install ‘Apps Explorer’ on Android Phone 
Apps Explorer is a free application available on android Play Store. Apps Explorer is that application which allow users to browse all Apple apps on android phone. You can browse iTunes apps on your Android device.

Step 2. Open ‘Apps Explorer’ on Android Phone
Now, open ‘apps explorer’ application on your android phone to find something new about apple app store.

Step 3. Use ‘Apps Explorer’ To Find Apple’s Apps On Android Phone

In the apps explorer, you will find two top menus that will let you to choose free or paid apps and you you can find apple apps by categories with seconf top menu in apps explorer.

Step 4. Choose any app for details

If you want to find some extra details on any apple app, you  can choose by tapping on app and you will get all available details.

Step 5. Some extra features of Apps Explorer

  • “Search App on Market” – Search Google Play Store for the same title of any app.
  • “Search Author on Market” – Search Google Play Store for the developer of the app.
  • “Search App on Google” – This will run a Google search on the app title.
  • “Share App info” – List of sharing methods, you can send any app to your friends by your installed sharing apps like hike, shareit etc.

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This app “Apps Explorer” This will be helpful for you to find some new and interesting apple store apps for your Android phone. We thing this app will make you crazy when you will install apple apps on your android phone and you will enjoy this trick a lot. Make a lovely share and help your friends to get install apple app store apps on android phone.

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