DIY Fashion Inspo to Revamp Old Clothes

Revamp Old Clothes

If you are into fashion, you probably have a full closet (and then some) of clothes that you either do not wear anymore or have not even gotten around to wearing yet. It happens to the best of us. You see a piece you love, and it either gets saved or forgotten after one or two uses. What happens if you still love the pieces even though your sense of style has changed? Or your body has changed over time, and it no longer fits well? Worry not! You do not have to throw your pieces out or donate to someone else unless you want to. You can revamp your clothes into something that you can wear and love again.

This piece will offer you some inspiration on how you can do just that!

Paint Your Jeans

One of the most creative and fun ways to spruce up your denim jeans is to paint them. Not only will this give you a completely unique pair that no one else can buy, but it can also be the makings of a fun afternoon.

Get your creative juices flowing by going on the internet and looking for some inspiration. Google ‘paint ideas for jeans’ or ‘ideas to paint’ to start compiling a list of images you like the look of, then you can decide how you want them to look on your jeans and what items you need to make this happen

If you have never done this before, it is recommended that you try this on an old pair that you do not want to wear anymore so you can get the hang of it! Alternatively, customized patches from 4incustompatch are also an excellent way to mix up your jeans without you having to lift a paintbrush.

T-shirt Blanket

Do you have lots of old t-shirts that you still love and hold fond memories of but know you will not or cannot wear them anymore? Well, you do not have to throw them out! You just have to think outside of the box. This is where a t-shirt blanket can be the perfect solution. My t-shirt blanket takes all of your old, beloved t-shirts and turns them into an amazing quilt that you can admire every day. You can either use this as a blanket for your couch or your bed as a throw, or you could even hang it up as a tapestry for decoration. This is an excellent way to treasure your favorite memories without the t-shirts taking up too much space.

Tie-Dye it

Tie-dye is just one of those things that will never seem to go out of fashion. Not only does it look particularly cool, but no two tie-dye jobs are the same, making it unique in its own right.

If you have some old white shirts, pants, jeans, or any other clothing items, look into how you can make tie-dye patterns ready for a stunning summer look. You can also get a tie-dye effect on dark clothing with bleach!