Ways to increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

increase Instagram Engagement

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways of building a business brand’s online presence in recent years. That’s because billions of people use at least one of the popular platforms today, allowing businesses to expand their reach and attract more prospective clients. And among the growing networking and social platform, today is Instagram.

Every brand, company, or content creator can easily sign up for a social media platform. But, what determines their success are the strategies they decide to use. For instance, having an Instagram account without enough active followers may not give you the results you’re expecting. More so, it may not be able to help you promote your brand and attract engagement successfully.

Thinking about how to enhance your Instagram engagement this year? Well, here are some tips for you. Usually, engagement is evaluated by likes, shares, comments from your followers. Proactive marketers seek out ways to boost Instagram engagement. Check out some of the organic marketing campaigns to get best results:

 And recently, there are many growth options, such as investing in organic techniques like those discussed on wpdevshed.com can help increase your chances of success.

Furthermore, you can check out some of the organic marketing campaigns and strategies below to get best results:

  1. Post regularly

Businesses should be active to attract new followers and enhance engagement quotients. Posting one or two posts a day is a good consistency. This keeps your feed fresh and relevant. It is also important to find out the right time to post on Instagram, especially when handling algorithmic timeline. Recommended post time depends on your targeted audience. You can use the Insights feature to know about your follower’s habits and schedule your posts accordingly.

2. Share your stories

Instagram allows you to capture your audience via text, videos and images. To boost engagement rate, you should act as a storyteller and offer small stories through your posts, stories, and feeds. Get people attached to you emotionally and share user-generated content which syncs with your brand.

You can also use captions to share your story and build connections with your target audience. Long captions are quite in trend and increase credibility to a brand. 

So, rather than just posting product photos, post content resonating your audience’s preference or help them with their problems.

3. Create a sturdy brand

Innovation, consistency, and clarity helps a company create brand awareness on Instagram. A disorganized, inconsistent method may not work. Focus on the major parts like profile presentation, creation of style patterns, hashtag usage to build engagement, credibility, and loyalty. 

4. Build a visually steady Instagram feed

Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing posts, feeds, videos and stories. The soul of the platform is visual content. Hence, you should aim to create a visually consistent feed.

Use highlights, right brightness, perfect color tones to get a no-edit edit look. Make sure your page, feeds, and post matches with your brand identity and appeals to your audience. 

5. Select the correct hashtags

Finalizing the right hashtags for your Instagram business makes a visible difference between rising at the top and sinking to the bottom. 

Do not use too generic hashtags, rather always go for trending and niche-specific hashtags to find the best hashtag to connect with your audience. 30 hashtags can be used on a post. Go for general branding hashtags to make your posts more discoverable, drive traffic to your profile and make a better following for your brand.

6. Prioritize user-generated content

User-generated content gives your users a chance to get themselves involved with your brand. The simple reason being the content is already created and approved by the users. 

7. Discover the complete series of Instagram video formats

You shouldn’t ever underestimate the efficiency and fame of online video content. Instagram is well aware of it and hence offers 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds and long video formats. 

Whether you choose Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Instagram live video, IGTV or short videos, they are perfect for all types of content for businesses and brands.

8. Make use of video subtitles and closed captions

As per a survey, around 60% of videos are seen with sound on… meaning the remaining 40% are seen without sound. Hence, you should use subtitles to allow messages to be delivered along with visuals on-screen. While captions have attention-seeking power, they aren’t very much used for stories. 

9. Make Instagram reels

Use the power of reels. They are a clone of the TikTok videos and allow your brand to engage with the community via short videos of 30 seconds. Be creative and make Instagram reels to showcase your company’s authenticity. 

10. Use Instagram AR filters

AR filters have taken Instagram by storm with some of the best filters getting a billion views. AR filters are a great way to produce content and brand your business.

11. Benefit from Instagram’s video ad formats

According to Instagrammers, they take action such as visiting websites, searching or referring a friend when they are influenced by a post. While pictures remain the highlight of Instagram, video formats are a precious tool to target a specific niche of audience. 

Use the different ad formats to create visually arresting Instagram ads and promote your business Instagram in the most efficient manner.

12. Try using GIFs

Nowadays, the GIF format appeals more than pictures to people. GIFs are time-effective and cost-effective than producing videos. You can also use Boomerang recording a short sequence of stills and looping them ahead and back. 

13. Divert Instagram audience to website traffic

You can drive your Instagram traffic to your website by allowing a one-time clickable link in your bio. Enhance the importance of the link with special offers and promotions to motivate followers to click. 

Include a robust call to action with your URL. If you have a good number of followers, then insert a link with a Swipe up CTA on your Instagram stories.

If you can team up with influencers, then partner with them to promote your URL in their content too. Lastly, use analytics software to get insight about which of your content is driving traffic to your site so you can target your promotion accordingly.

14. Make use of SEO

Creating a SEO strategy for your Instagram profile helps to increase your engagement. SEO affects your account name and handle. 

Your account handle features “@” which depicts the sector where your business functions. Your account name is showcased on your profile picture. 

Also, add industry-related keywords to your business profile to make the most out of the SEO feature. The aim is to use words people would use when searching for you on Insta.

15. Collaborate with influencers to enhance your credibility

Aligning influencers with your brand can bring genuine authenticity to your company. However, make sure you choose the right influencer for your brand. Plan a good influencing strategy and go for a short trial campaign to see your follower’s reaction to your brand. 

Well, your Instagram journey is endless and you need to grow your Instagram account just like your business. Use the tips given above to maximize your profile’s potential and boost your Instagram engagement.

Final Words

 Instagram is one of the best platforms to build your brand, especially if you have a lot of content you wish to share with your digital audience. Moreover, there are many options offered by this social media giant to ensure you’re continuously engaged with your followers. From posting photos, videos, reels, and hosting live events.