Improving your communication within your business

your business

No company can succeed without good communication. When you have good communication throughout your business, all of your team can work in cohesion together. Everyone knows where they are and what is expected of them. As well as this, good communication brings an added layer of trust and can help foster relationships that can produce a productive environment. Strong communication can also help you deal with the more difficult situations and problems that may arise in the workplace. So, if you feel like your business needs communication to revamp then here are a few ideas for you to think about. 


One of the easiest areas where miscommunication and problems arise is when it comes to outsourcing and subcontractors. This can be as simple as them turning up on a wrong day or you are forgetting that they are coming at all. There is nothing more frustrating than a subcontractor arrives, and nobody knows anything about it. You should think about investing in subcontractor scheduling software to avoid these problems. 

Have one to one catch-ups

This is such a simple one but is often overlooked by those running companies. You should make sure to schedule one to one individual meetings with employees. This does not have to be every week but should be at regular intervals. Set a time in the diary and make sure they know about it. Catching up with them regularly can allow the conversation to be more natural and help them open up more. This can lead them to tell you what is wrong and where they feel improvement could happen. It also allows you to do the same. 

Team meetings

This is a more regular tip, but it is still important. You need to get the team together regularly. Bringing everyone together allows them to catch up with each other and to see how projects are coming together. This may even inspire collaboration. However, it also may give those who are afraid of being too upfront to come forward with any issues that they are having. Additionally, it opens a forum for the discussion of ideas. Again, this doesn’t need to be all the time, but it is worth having these regularly.

Think about how you communicate

It is so easy these days to communicate through an online medium and avoid face-to-face meetings altogether. There are so many platforms that allow for communication in the workplace as well as the ever-faithful email. However, never forget that it can be tough to convey the tone of your message through these online services. When you take the time to talk to someone in person, it allows you to be very clear with your message and help them navigate the gravity of the situation. This also makes any positive comments feel more worthwhile. 


Communication in your business is really important if you want a successful business that can thrive no matter what challenges are thrown at it. Take time to make sure that you are on top of how you communicate. Digital platforms are great so that you can get in touch with people quickly but never forget the value of speaking to someone’s face.