The Importance of Safe Driving as a Motorcyclist

Driving a motorcycle can be fun, but one thing is for sure, you have got to be minding your Ps and Qs if you hop on the importance of safe driving a motorcycle. 

The exhilaration of riding your motorcycle down a windy road is matched by the challenge of controlling the vehicle you are on. 

Importance of Safe Driving
Importance of Safe Driving

Why is safe driving so adamantly enforced for motorcyclists? 

Let’s discuss this further.

Reason1: The Statistics Speak for Themselves

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 5000 motorcyclists died in 2019 alone. 

Those riding on a motorcycle are almost thirty times more likely to die from a crash than those who had a car accident.

You can make those statistics significantly more in your favor simply by applying some safety protocol while riding your motorcycle.

First, you can reduce your risk of fatal head injuries by wearing a helmet. Make sure your helmet is labeled DOT certified before you buy it. 

Make sure you buy a new helmet and not get a used helmet. A helmet is only designed to be protective enough for one crash. If you buy used, you never know if it is still protective.

A small group of people believes that wearing a helmet can make it more difficult to see and hear while riding your motorcycle. Don’t listen to the propaganda. Wear your helmet at all times!

You can also add a layer of protection to your arms and legs by wearing leather or heavy denim while riding. At night, be sure to wear a reflective patch to be seen by other drivers.  

It’s also wise to buy boots that cover your ankles as well. 

Reason 2: Have You Looked at a Motorcycle?

The engineering of a motorcycle itself lacks the added protection that other vehicles have. No other road vehicle subjects their rider too so much potential danger.

Not only is there no outer shell of protection to take the brunt of the crash, but the lack of balance from only two wheels instead of four creates a much more unstable machine to work with.

This is why there is an entirely separate driver’s course to get a motorcycle license. You must be skilled at handling your bike before you get on the open road.

The DMV stresses the importance of taking a safety course as part of your training. You can learn tricks to use in certain situations that could possibly save your life. 

You can make your motorcycle safer by investing in a few additions. 

Anti Lock brakes are an excellent investment to aid in reducing your risk of accidents due to quick and unexpected braking.

It’s essential to make sure your tires are always in great shape. Low air or tread in your tires can make it extremely difficult to control your machine. 

Check your tire pressure before every ride and buy new tires when you see the tread getting low.

To ensure that you don’t accidentally leave your turn lights on, you can install a Smart Turn System into your bike that will work like the automatic turn signal in cars, using the motion of your wheels to determine when you have turned. 

Reason 3: You Aren’t The Only Person On The Road

Even if you feel confident in your motorcycle riding abilities, the truth is that anyone driving on the road could potentially cause a dangerous situation. 

If an oncoming driver is not paying attention and crashes into a motorcyclist, the odds are definitely in the driver of the car’s favor. If this ever happens to you and leaves you injured, learn how to get help here. 

That is why a motorcyclist must always be paying close attention to their immediate surroundings and the drivers around them.

Motorcycles can be difficult to see at times, and their movements hard to predict. View of the motorcycle can be all but blinded to other drivers by small obstructions.


Riding a motorcycle should never be taken lightly. One pothole or one slick patch of road is all that is needed to turn a fun ride into your last. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of safe driving as a motorcyclist. Always obey the law, always drive defensively, and always take extra precautions.