I am sharing a mobile network trick for sharing internet data balance with your family and friends.This post is a full detailed post with all mobile operators to share mobile internet MB balance with another number or your family or friends. You can send your internet balance with same mobile operator customer like Idea to idea, airtel to airtel, bsnl to bsnl. You can share your idea balance with another idea mobile number. You will read all USSD codes for airtel number, Aircel, idea number, aircel,bsnl, tata docomo, vodafone. Share your internet balance or MB with your friends easily with simple steps.
Share Your Mobile Internet Balance With Your Family or Friends (Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Aircel, Tata Docomo)

Share Internet Balance With Another Number

We are sharing all free USSD codes to share your mobile internet balance with your loved one. please read all steps and USSD codes carefully and do same-

How to Share Idea Internet Connection / Pack with your Friends or Family

  1. Just Dial *121*121# from your Idea Prepaid Sim card from your dialer and Just Wait for 5 Seconds.
  2. Now you will get a new pop up in which you will see some options.
  3. Now select the second option for sharing your idea internet data pack
  4. Reply with “2” (Without Quotes) and Click on Send Button.
  5. Now, Follow All Other on-screen Instructions and enjoy idea data sharing the trick with this awesome offer.

Idea Charges for Data Share

  • 250 MB Internet Pack data of 15 days : Charge Rs. 3
  • 150 MB Internet Pack data of 7 days   : Charge Rs. 2
  • 100 MB Internet Pack data of 3 days   : Charge Rs. 1

How to Transfer Internet data From Airtel  Mobile SIM to Another Airtel Number

  1. At first, you need to add your friend’s number in your data sharing list, for add open message app from your phone and send below SMS – ADD & Send To 121
  2. ADD 9897033994 to 121
  3. Now, Dial   *141*712*4*9897033994#
  4. You can share 60 MB with your friend or family.
  5. Airtel Charges for Data Share
  • Charge Rs. 1 only.

Transfer Internet data Mobile Pack from Aircel to Aircel

  1. Dial *121*776# from your Aircel sim card to share your internet pack with your friend.
  2. Now, add your Friend’s number (Upto 7 number at 1 time).
  3. Follow On Screen Instructions and it will work correctly for you.

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How to Send Main Balance from one Tata Docomo Sim card to another Tata Docomo Number

  1. Open Messaging app into your mobile.
  2. Now, Send “BT ” and send it to 54321 like- BT 9897033994 50 to 54321
  3. To reverse the amount, you need to type “RBT Transaction ID” and SMS it to 54321
  4. All Done!

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How to Transfer Balance from BSNL to BSNL

  1. Open Messaging app into your mobile phone.
  2. Now type GIFTMobile NumberAmount and send to 53733 or 53738
  3. GIFT 9897033994 50
  4. Replace 9897033994 with your friend’s number.
  5. Replace 30 with your desired amount to be shared.
  6. You will get confirmation message from your company.
  7. All Done!

How to Send Main Balance from Vodafone Sim Card to another Vodafone Sim Card

#Method 1

  1. Dial *131# from your Vodafone Sim Card.
  2. Now, you will get options to transfer main balance from one Vodafone sim card to another.
  3. Follow the instructions and send your inputs.

#Method 2

  1. Just dial *131*30*9897033994# 
  2. Replace 9897033994 with your friend’s number.
  3. Replace 30 with your desired amount to be shared
  4. Now, If you have enough balance to share, then you are able to share your amount with your friend mobile number.
  5. That’s it. 

#Method 3

  1. Dial *132*30*9897033994# from your Vodafone sim card.
  2. Replace 9897033994 with your friend’s number.
  3. Replace 30 with your desired amount to be shared.
  4. Now, follow on Screen Instructions for sharing your balance with your friends.
  5. You are done!
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