Huawei watch GT2e

Huawei watch

Just when you think you have got enough electronic devices around you to get through your daily life, the tech industries present you with something more innovative and new, leaving you to question the limits of technological developments. You thought getting a health app on your phone can be the closest you can get to basic self-health check-ups. Or the newly invented workout types of equipment in the gym can aid you more easily to a healthier body. Or an AI instructor on your phone helping you with a workout at home is the best you can get at your comfort level. But every time these tech companies provide you with a new device that is at your service.

But you still have far to go to understand these. As recently a new product has been introduced in the market in the name of a fitness band from the past few years. Huawei watch gt 2e is a combination of your health monitoring and workout instructor in a smart way. Many companies are selling this in the market, but everyone is not able to give a satisfying result with their product. Huawei has also been experimenting and has released quite a few products in the same line.

So far, its smartwatches and fitness band are only satisfying to a certain level. However, the company has launched a new Huawei Watch Gt2e in its fitness band range. It can be said that this watch is the updated and more affordable version of its previous product Huawei Watch GT2. But how much the company says is true can only be found out after its testing. So below is the whole review of the Huawei Watch Gt2e for you to make an easier decision on buying this product. 

Talking about the features

Starting from its exterior appearance, the design of the watch is fairly simple and basic, still giving it a classy look with dimensions of 53 mm by 46.8 10.8 mm. The Huawei Watch GT2e features a 1.39 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 pixels and a pixel density of 462 PPI. This is one of the brightest and clearest smartwatches so far. The watch also features an all-display which is handy; it doesn’t seem to affect much battery life. This gives the watch a good look that you can wear all day even if it is not put into use. It always remains in always on mode and when you activate it, the shifts to the screen itself.

The watch is super responsive as the transitions on touch are very smooth, the animations are swift, and the colours are very pop and vibrant. However, there is one minor issue with its AMOLED displays as it seems like they do not tend to work that well outside in direct sunlight. It is kind of hard to see any information on the screen, and if you turn the brightness to maximum though it does help quite a bit but then you will drain the battery.

Physical appearance of the watch

Huawei watch GT2e

There are two manual buttons on the right side of the watch, one activates the screen and another takes you to the list of inbuilt tracking features available in the watch which is a good way to quickly go into that system and start tracking a workout. Huawei Watch Gt2e is primarily a sports and health tracking watch that as the hardware in the watch is designed to do pretty well. The watch has sensors like internal GPS, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a heart rate monitor. With the mentioned sensors it can track calories, activity, and inactivity, distance travelled, sleep quality, heart rate, step count, speed, acceleration, and with the latest update it can even track spO2.

Spo2 is one of the main features of this watch as only a few watches can actually track spO2. However, the accuracy of the metre can not be measured with those advanced devices that the doctors use. But the heart rate monitor of Huawei Watch gt2e is found to be one of the most accurate heart rate monitors compared to other fitness bands. It has a continuous heart rate monitor and it will monitor your heart rate in real-time which is perfect if you want to work out and you can see the peaks and troughs of your heart rate throughout the day.

Some really cool specs

Talking about the inbuilt workout-tracking modes, this watch has everything from your standard kind of running, walking, cycling, swimming, and even mountaineering, hiking, biking, triathlon, pilates, street dance, and more. It has more than 25 different workout options for you to choose from. The watch will use a certain sensor or multiple sensors to give you information that is relevant to any kind of workout that you chose.

The GPS of the watch tracks your location and you will have information from the data of GPS like speed, acceleration, maximum speed, minimum speed, and average speed. there is one small drawback in its GPS, but the map shows an accurate route while you are outside doing any kind of activity. Apart from spO2, all the sensors are pretty accurate and you get a lot of information from health and fitness tracking.

While other features of the watch are fairly limited for example you can receive calls and notifications on the watch and view them, but you can not directly reply to them as it does not have a speaker or a microphone. But you also can’t complain about that as those features are not the main focus of the watch anyway. You also have the option of controlling music on the watch and the feature of Find my phone. Additional features can be counted for tracking the weather, a distress app, a breathing exercises app, and a barometer. 

We can say that the Huawei Watch gt2e is a great value for money as it is what it is worth. If compared to other smartwatches, this one can be looked at as a premium product as it has a slightly more advanced operating system.