Huawei Watch Fit Review

Huawei Watch Fit Review

Smart wearables are becoming quite trendy recently. And while observing, you will find that Xiaomi is dominating the industry considering the quality that it offers with its price is quite impressive. However, Huawei has emerged as a perfect competitor for Xiaomi in the sales of smartwatches and fitness bands. And after their last product release of the Huawei watch Gt2e, Huawei has now taken a different approach with its new smart wristwatch called Huawei Watch Fit elegant which has been launched recently. It is a perfectly balanced combination of a smartwatch and a fitness band. You can finally find a middle point of having advanced features like that of expensive watches without needing to expend much money on them.

Key Features

When we talk about the key features of this watch, the major one is obviously that Huawei Watch Fit is giving a bit more screen on the vertical axis by providing a 1.64 inch rectangular AMOLED which is about the perfect size, with 325 pixels per inch that looks nice which doesn’t give any problems with the resolution. It also offers 16.7 million colours and ultra-thin bezels which basically gives this watch a 70 percent screen-to-body ratio. Another good thing about the Huawei Watch Fit is its lightweight weight, which is about 21 grams. 

The other commendable feature of the Huawei Watch Fit is its battery life. The good thing about this watch is that you do not need to worry about the battery running out of life at the end of the day. Its battery lasts for over a week after every charge and sometimes even about two weeks after a single full charge once. The watch also doesn’t take much time to charge completely as it gets full in about an hour of being plugged in. And you can even make do with it for a whole day with only five minutes of charge. 

Perfect fit for fitness geeks

Since Huawei Watch Fit is meant to be more of a fitness wearable, it has amazing features regarding that. Huawei has filled the watch with 96 modes for a workout along with 44 animations showing you how to do those workout moves. It also has additional features like stress relief mode and breathing exercises that could be very helpful for those who are a beginner at working out. The Huawei Watch Fit also serves as a small and handy health checkup device. You can check your heart rate while working out or taking walks with the aid of its inbuilt heart monitoring that has constant tracking throughout the day where you also check the fluctuations. It is also known to be the first device to implement oxygen saturation level monitoring which is kind of helpful considering the recent covid situations. The other health activity tracking has sleep monitoring which is much more accurate. The watch has a nice application that gives a breakdown of your different levels of sleep and sleep patterns.

One of the other unique features of Huawei watches Fit is that it also has a tracker for the monthly cycles for the women. The watch also has GPS, in case you are walking or running you can see and track your routes. We can say that a lot of features are packed in this watch which seems to be a good deal if compared to its price. 

However, there are some minor drawbacks of the Huawei watch Fit. For example, sometimes on a bright summer day, the watch’s auto-brightness feature might seem not to work completely as you may need to manually change it to full brightness. At times when you are looking for some specific or a bit mor elegant elook, there are fewer watch faces to match your preference for that kind of look. Another drawback is that when the message comes in, the watch pings the notification but it doesn’t show if the message is video or photos.

Other salient features

If we go into details, monitoring is quite accurate as it doesn’t lag and increases and decreases according to your exercises. The stress reliever is also helpful. It detects your stress immediately and shows it on a stress chart and spikes up if you are too stressed. The sleep monitor checks the depth of your sleep and it also ranks your sleep by giving you points. The watch seems to be working just fine with third-party devices even if you don’t have a Huawei phone as long as your watch is connected with an android. It doesn’t get affected by how the watch or any other application works. 

The watch’s display offers over a hundred watch faces to choose from that are available on the app for you to download, out of which some are free and some cost money. They provide you with the main watch face for when you press the button and like a standby watch face. 

As the watch also has the feature of resyncing all your data in case you have ever disconnected your phone from the watch and reconnected it. The watch also comes with a few other features that can prove to be handy sometimes and useless the other time. Like it has got a weather app, music player, and the Find My Phone app. Being a fitness band, Huawei Watch Fit also gives you reminders when you reach your workout session end. The Huawei Watch Fit also gives the breakdown of how many calories you have burned, the length of time you have been training, the number of steps you walked, and the distance you covered. The heart rate monitoring also gives you customization with five different levels of heart rate zones. All in all, the Huawei Watch Fit has been perfectly reliable in general.