Huawei watch 6 Review

Huawei watch 6 Review

Wearing a fitness tracker while working out has become a habit more than a trend nowadays. And it really is a very useful product since it eases the effort of keeping your workout records. Fitness trackers save you a lot of time in analyzing your health as their features like reading your heartbeat rate or body temperature, things like this make you prepare for precautions beforehand. But it also creates a mess sometimes if the tracker gives an inaccurate reading.

Even though there are so many brands out there selling the same fitness tracker and yet different in their own way, Xiaomi’s MI watch seems to be dominating the industry. As it has established itself as the most affordable and trustworthy fitness watch brand, almost no other brand has the same standing as MI’s watch. However, recently Huawei has also emerged in the fitness tracker industry and comes off as giving competition to Xiaomi’s MI watch with its new Huawei watch 6 that has been released in April of 2021.

Huawei’s latest smart fitness watch 6 is a compact-level smartwatch that also has a smartwatch experience. If you observe the design of watch 6, it has a prominent display with a 1.47 inch AMOLED full view, probably the first smartwatch from Huawei to have so. Having a 64% screen-to-body ratio makes it easier to glance at data and information on the go. Huawei watch 6 comes with a silicone wrist wrap which feels sturdy and integrates the display area quite well. The watch comes in graphite black, sakura pink, amber sunrise, and forest green colors to choose from.

On the back of the watch, it has a range of sensors to track your body movements. These different sensors are designed to give as much data as possible. It has got a heart rate monitor, stress measuring sensors, a sleep tracking sensor, and an all-day monitoring Spo2 sensor. It also has two PIN POGO connectors for charging at the back. You even get the choice to set up the Huawei watch 6 to give you an alert notification if your Spo2 drops below a certain level which is incredibly helpful. 

The software interface of the Huawei watch 6 is quite easy to catch on quickly. You can simply tap and hold on to the main display to bring up other clock faces. You can also stroll through the Huawei Health app for more options regarding settings and functions from where you can download plenty of whatever suits you. Swiping down from the main display gives you quick access to toggles and settings. While swiping up from the bottom will give access to notifications for incoming calls and messages. On the other hand, swiping left to right will give you a glance at your records, like daily progress, heart rate, stress, and a few others. The single button present on the side of the Huawei watch 6 will give access to other functions.

Huawei watch 6 Review

Huawei watch 6 also gives some additional features which are considered more from a fitness watch perspective. Apart from having access to health and workout options, you can also have music playback and a remote shutter for a camera when connected to your phone device. One of the other amazing features of the Huawei watch 6 is its battery life because, unlike traditional smartwatches, this watch has up to two weeks of battery time once being fully charged. Even with the display brightness and notifications enabled, this watch has better battery life as compared to others. 

Above all, like a fitness watch, Huawei watch 6 stands out and shines when it comes to health and fitness as it is not overly complicated and is easy to use. The watch offers over ninety-six workout modes that include eleven professional modes with automatic workout detection which is quite handy when you forget to start the workout count on your watch. It has real-time data monitoring and workout inspiration to help you motivate and help you in understanding what kind of workout sessions work best for you. 

If we consider all the features in this compact form factor and then take a look at the price, we can say that Huawei watch 6 serves as quite a good option for a fitness watch in affordable and trustworthy points. The brand’s price policy justifies the features and quality that it offers. As it is the best you can get under the price range of 5000 rupees.