Thirteen Innovative Ways an HR Department Can Improve Employee Morale

HR Department

Low morale at work can negatively impact productivity levels. Improve morale by rewarding their hard work, providing healthy snacks, and supporting them. If you need tips on managing employees, keep reading.

In this guide, your HR department will learn some tips on people management. Boost morale by providing wellness programs. Make sure conflicts get dealt with so you can avoid a toxic workplace.

If you’d hoping to learn more, check out the tips below.

1. Your Employees Need to Feel Secure

Significant layoffs at any workplace will impact employee morale.

Try to avoid laying off lots of employees. Otherwise, your team will lose trust in you. Most workers aren’t going to feel secure in their position.

If you need to downsize your business:

  • Look at alternatives to mass layoffs.
  • Reduce work hours.
  • Ask your workers to transfer to another HR department.

2. Remain Communicative

Look at keeping your HR department team in the loop regarding any organizational changes. Let your team know of upcoming updates or new software upgrades.

Your workers who aren’t kept in the loop will gossip and spread rumors, causing panic.

Managers and leaders should communicate things to their teams during meetings.

3. What’s Your Safety Policy?

Boosting employee morale also includes focusing on workplace safety.

Ensure a work safety manager at your business looks for any hazards or unsafe situations.

Make sure your team understands their health and safety are top priorities.

4. Do Your Workers Understand Business Values?

Most company owners don’t teach new hires or old workers about business values. Yet, you should ensure your team understands the business’s goals and values.

Articulate the business’s vision, goals, and mission. Share this information throughout the year. People who understand a company’s vision will feel more motivated.

5. Encourage People to Share Feedback

Your business should also encourage workers to share feedback. Ask for feedback on how the company could improve. Do this in internal surveys or company-wide meetings.

You can set up a meeting to update your team on the company plans. Let them provide feedback and then discuss things together.

You should also encourage your team members to share feedback about their managers. This might feel intimidating, but it will benefit your business. Learn more about the benefits of upward feedback

6. Build Supportive and Encouraging Managers

Do you want a culture that’s encouraging and positive? You will need to build up your company leaders. Workers will look to leaders.

As a leader, you must remain an excellent example and lead how you want them to act. This will boost company morale and make a happier work environment.

Most workers in a company have a busy and demanding home life.

Whether caregiving for older parents or children, they have many challenges.

A manager should remain understanding and supportive of a worker’s different responsibilities. Your managers should accommodate the worker’s family needs.

8. Build the Company Culture

Building a healthy and supportive company culture is critical. Workers with supportive colleagues and managers will enjoy their work environment.

If your employees dislike going to work, you’ll see a drop in productivity and focus.

9. Start an Employee Wellness Program

Consider developing an employee wellness program.

Provide healthy snack stations where employees can snack on fresh vegetables or fruits. Look at getting a water fountain for employees to refill bottles.

Bring in a massage therapist or stretch instructor to lead everyone in a stretch class. Encourage your workers to take breaks so they don’t get burned out.

10. Try Planning Team-Building Activities

Employee morale’s connected to how the workers feel about others in the company. Have you recently brought on a bunch of new workers?

You should plan a few team-building exercises. Ice breakers and group exercises will bring your workers closer together. If your team already works in a shared office, try preparing some lunches or happy hours.

If you’re a remote team, you could plan some virtual events.

Ask your workers to think of some ideas. They might suggest a laser tag night or evening at a board game café.

11. Have You Started an Employee Recognition Plan?

Reward your workers by setting up an employee recognition program. Everyone should recognize other people’s contributions to the business’s success.

Let workers have a chance to congratulate others.

12. Provide Incentives

You should look at providing your workers with incentives. You want to reward workers who do their best at their job, so they’ll continue. Your workers should feel appreciated for their efforts.

People who don’t feel appreciated might end up leaving the business.

13. Plan Special Employee Events

Look at setting up an employee event twice a year to encourage your team members. You could bring your team to a spa or their favorite restaurant.

Your team will get a chance to relax, reconnect, and hang out with colleagues in a different setting.

Make sure you plan this event on a workday, not the worker’s day off. This time allows everyone to recharge and get motivated to return to work.

Empower Your HR Department

Your HR department should boost employee morale through team-building activities and wellness programs. Make sure you create an open-door policy and encourage people to share feedback.

Look at improving the company culture. You don’t want to let a toxic work setting grow.

Need more helpful tips like this guide? Check out the business section on the blog for more ideas on how to improve your workplace.