How to Write Branded Content Effectively

Marketers all around the world talk about the power of branded content. There are a lot of voices proud of being able to produce branded content. However, not everything that seems to be branded content actually is. There are just a few marketers that do it right. Branded content is different from traditional advertising. When you produce branded content, you can think of anything. It can be articles to podcasts, or from videos to live elements. Anything that can engage your customers and bring value to them can be considered branded content. So are you wondering that what is the secret behind branded content? Do not worry, keep reading this article and learn How to write branded content effectively.

How to Write Branded Content Effectively

How to Write Branded Content Effectively
How to Write Branded Content Effectively

1. Create the type of content you would also consume

No one knows your business better than you. You, as the business owner, are the biggest advocate for your business. No one else could promote it better than you. The same happens when it comes to branded content. Before you start drawing your marketing plan, put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

You started your business because you believe in it and you are its number one fan. Therefore, it is easy to think like a customer and determine how engaging your branded content is. Update your strategy based on your findings. Also, Refine your branded content until your branded content catches you from the first reading.

2. Know your target audience

A business is not successful without a growing number of clients. Therefore, once you decide to develop your business, one of the first steps should be the market research. It is very important to know your clients very well and understand what are their buying trends. What is more, you should also determine

  • Where they come from,
  • what are the media channels they use,
  • As well as what are their age, sex, or occupation

All these attributes will help you develop your marketing plan and develop an engaging branded content. For example, Trust My Paper, an online business offering writing services, usually publish articles related to writing services during the year with only one exception. Considering that during summer the students are on holiday, they keep their blog active with articles. These articles about how to make the best use of their summer holiday.

3. Show your audience how great your product is

Marketers always recommend building a story around your product. However, telling stories is not enough anymore. You should naturally talk about your products or services in your story and show your audience how great they are. However, it is very important to not fool your customers and tell them about non-existing things. Take the example of Dove which mesmerizes the viewers in its story, without becoming too aggressive in promoting its product.

The company’s logo appears discretely in the corner of the video while the Story captivates the viewer’s attention completely. The campaign’s message is not around Dove’s products but on each person’s natural beauty. Thus, Dove manages to create a successful campaign. They do it without insisting too much on its product, but by inspiring its target audience.

4. Build trust in your brand

Before they buy a new product, most people usually do their own research. They check for positive reviews, read the comments on social media, or check several forums. What is more, people react well when they can identify themselves with Brand’s core values and vision.

Thus, one good strategy when creating branded content is to introduce characters that your target audience relates to. For example, you can think of a Popular media personality with a very positive image, who can easily relate to your products. Showing your targeted audience how that person feels about your products will create more trust in your brand. It can also convince people to try your products.

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Moreover, it is also very important to understand that there is no secret formula behind a successful branded content. There might be strategies delivering great results from the beginning, while there might be some which won’t be so successful. So the important thing is to learn from each failure and adjust your branded content to make it better every day.

It is also very important to analyze periodically the data you obtain from your marketing campaigns and measure your performance. Based on these results, you will be able to determine what you did right and where you need to invest more efforts.

Hope this article “How to Write Branded Content Effectively” is a help to you and in case you have any comments, please feel free to mention in the comments section. You can also read our other articles about Content Writing and Marketing here


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