How to Use Smartphone Like DSLR?

Smartphones is the future of high quality movies.

Nowadays, Smartphone comes with a high tech camera lenses to give DSLR like quality. But, it is really hard for any Smartphone camera lenses to compete with the camera lenses lens. But, when it comes to professionalism, it is really important for us to have a proper DSLR setup. For those who are beginners, it is really hard to get a proper DSLR setup & all they have is a smartphone. Hence, today we are here to share you different methods to use your Use smartphone like DSLR.

How to Use Smartphone Like DSLR?

How to Use Smartphone Like DSLR
How to Use Smartphone Like DSLR

Note: To shoot like a pro, you would need some extra accessories so that you shoot a DSLR level quality with your Smartphone camera. 

Shoot like a pro with Smartphone

It is really important for you to have some important accessories that will help you to take photo/shoot video smoothly.

Tripod & Gimbal: 

When you shoot a moving shot, gimbal will be the most useful accessories. With this, you can easily shoot the moving object without any issue. You will be able to shoot the most smooth, non-shaky movie object.

Remember, having a smooth moving shoot make your video, shot on high-end equipment.

Tripod, on the other hand, is most useful for taking steady image or video. If you want to take the perfect steady shot, then you will find a tripod handy.

Smartphone Camera Lenses:

If you are not aware of this, then I believe that you are missing on something that is most important and not discovered by you. You can find add-on camera lenses for your smartphone to suit your requirement. you can find the maximum Zoom lens, that will help you to shoot a wildlife photography.

You can also find different mm lenses that you can add on your smartphone. This will give you a room to make the best use of your smartphone camera. Having these lenses with tripod or gimbal will make your smartphone shooting experience better.

Manual Mode:

Nowadays, any smartphone comes with maul mode, which makes the smartphone camera to shoot video/pictures in any lighting conditions. We normally prefer to use Manual mode as we have a lot of options left on using different elements of your Smartphone camera. This feature was only available on DSLR’s, but lately, all the smartphone are coming with Manual mode.

But, if you are one of those, who like to shoot on a go, then it is better you go with automatic mode. This will allow you to just focus on shooting smooth shots but will have to deal with focusing issues.

Explore Different camera App:

On your App stores, you will find thousands of 3rd party camera apps that will help you to explore different parameters in the smartphone camera. We always prefer to use an effective app that gives the best look and feel for your movie/photo.

So, this is all about being a pro and using your smartphone like a DSLR. We are open to discuss with you & know if we can explore different methods to shoot like a pro with Smartphone.

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