How to use wholesale greenery in your event?

wholesale greenery

There isn’t a festival or occasion where plants and flowers would be an additional adornment. The issue is with the design’s presentation, color scheme, and consistency. Natural factors foster communication and understanding among individuals. The press now focuses on and discusses wholesale greenery decorations separately. Photo reports, which are printed in specialist and promotional periodicals, comprise images of the greatest live compositions made of bulk greenery.

Wholesale floral greenery best choice for your event

In order for the composition to be durable and look good, it is important to choose the right vase or another suitable container for it. And here it is worth considering everything:

  • the color scheme of the bouquet;
  • the texture of the plants;
  • the features of the environment where it is planned to place it.

Do not be afraid of original, bright, non-standard solutions – use unexpected combinations and materials to bring your creative fantasies to life. It is not enough to make a beautiful bouquet – it is important to choose a good place for it at the event.

In recent years, eco-bouquets have not left the trends of floristry – the use of leaves, stems, and spikelets completes the image of the composition, making it more “alive”. Natural greenery remains the main decoration for bouquets, so such compositions do not need additional decor, especially artificial. Especially popular are floral decorations for bouquets in a vegetative style, as natural and close to nature as possible.

And this is also a fascinating creative process that can make us take a fresh look at familiar interiors. Perhaps, at the same time, you even want to redo something, change it, or add new details to the atmosphere … Buy greenery in bulk on FiftyFlowers for an event is the best solution for your decor. Now you know how to use dry flowers in decor.