How to Use Technology to Beat Addiction

Technology has contributed to human progress. People can connect and access information in the click of a button. When it comes to addiction, technology is often given a bad rap because it can be addictive, present relapse triggers, and fuel co-dependency. While all the ways technology can derail recovery are true, technology can benefit recovery. In fact, technology benefits recovery many more ways than it can derail the recovery. So we would like to share here with you about How to Use Technology to Beat Addiction.

How to Use Technology to Beat Addiction

How to use technology to beat addiction
How to use technology to beat addiction

Online Meetings

If you are feeling like you need a meeting right away, you can access any type of meeting online. This can reduce the risk of relapse and keep you centered in a positive way of thinking. If you cannot afford transportation to a meeting, you do not have to miss out. Not all programs are widely available in all areas. Especially 12-step-alternative meetings and 12-step meetings for behavioral addictions due to their slow growth in popularity. So if you like a program that is not available in your area, you do not have to settle on a program that you do not like or does not fit your needs.

Online Counseling

You may not want to see a counselor in-person due to cost, anxiety, and confidentiality concerns. Online counseling is available and is typically cheaper and more flexible than in-person counseling. Insurance may not cover online counseling, but if you are concerned about confidentiality, private pay will help you be more inconspicuous. Keep in mind that your regional laws about confidentiality breaking may still apply. If you talk about suicide, hurting another person, abuse, or committing a crime that goes to trial, the counselor may have to break confidentiality.

Recovery Apps

There are a plethora of recovery apps for both iPhones and Androids. Some of these apps include daily meditations, recordings of speakers, tracking your sober time, and tracking healthy activities. These apps can give inspiration and motivation upon being released from a Florida drug treatment center.

Recovery Social Media Groups and Connections

Facebook has many recovery-related groups. Being friends with people who are prominent in your local recovery community can help you stay in touch with people who can help and on top of events and other news. Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can also help you connect with recovery industry leaders.

Virtual Reality Therapy

If you are in therapy for trauma can benefit from the use of virtual reality. In the presence of a mental health professional, clients can put on virtual reality glasses that imitate the traumatic event that you are trying to cope with.

Technology is beneficial to recovery when used right. Many people would not be able to get access to certain meetings if it were not for online meetings. People who struggle with finances, anxiety, and privacy face dark if it were not for online counseling. Inspiration and motivation are now more portable than ever with recovery apps. People who are in recovery can connect with each other and stay on top of the news in their local recovery community through social media. Trauma sufferers can now face their demons with virtual reality therapy. The pros of technology far outweigh the cons when it comes to its use in addiction recovery.


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