How to Use Shopify


In 2021, 2.14 billion global digital buyers will exist. At least, that’s what the latest eCommerce statistics say, anyway. In this article, you get the full details of How to Shopify.

With these predictions, it’s no wonder many are interested in becoming digital business owners. Especially on such a lucrative platform like Shopify.

But setting up a shop online seems too complicated! How can you get started when you’ve never done something like this before?

Keep reading for a short guide on how to use Shopify. If you’ve been interested in setting up an online storefront, we’ll give you all the basic information you need.

1. Make a Shopify Account

Of course, to start your Shopify journey, sellers need Shopify accounts. When sellers first make an account at Shopify, they’ll start a free trial. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account through the signup form
  3. Fill out the required information 
  4. Answer questions (usually for contact/location details) provided
  5. Select “I’m done”

This free trial is created for users to test out Shopify’s features. With a free trial, sellers can see if Shopify is compatible with their eCommerce mission without being charged.

2. Set up Shop

Upon making an account, sellers are free to test out Shopify’s features. Users can play around with Shopify’s admin features until they’re ready to start selling.

After plenty of playing around, sellers should probably start selling. By experimenting with Shopify, they’ll familiarize themselves with Shopify’s admin features, including those such as:

There are even more, but these key features are necessary for users to sell on their store. If sellers are having trouble setting up shop, they can contact Shopify chat support.

3. Add Products

One of the more important parts of managing an online storefront is showing options that customers can buy. Here’s how to get on with selling your products:

  1. Select “Products” from left sidebar
  2. Select green “Add a Product” button in the middle of page
  3. Add as much detail as possible in the digital form
    • Including uploading product pictures, name, description, URL, etc
  4. Click “Save Product” button located at the top and bottom right corners

Product pages should be filled out as much as possible. Doing so affects SEO and creates many opportunities for customer first impressions.

4. Payment

Many factors go into making a profit. But one of the most surefire ways to make a profit is to make sure that receiving any payment is possible. Here’s how to do that on Shopify:

  1. Go to Shopify Settings
  2. Select “Payments”
  3. Choose payment method

Choosing the right payment method is important. Some transaction methods charge larger transaction fees, allow different card types, and will facilitate checkout on their own site.

5. Launch Your Store

A business’s beginning doesn’t guarantee anything. But its first impression is still significant to consumers and investors. So before launching, sellers should make sure they’ve completed their Shopify checklist.

They should also make sure that their online stores look as great as they want them to. In general, sellers should be completely satisfied with their store before launching. Make sure to honor your business plan with an impeccable launch.

How to Use Shopify to Start Business Success

Sellers don’t need brick-and-mortar stores for a business. In fact, 2021 has proven that any physical branding is frankly optional. All you need are the motivation to sell and the basic business skills to do so.

If this article showed you how to use Shopify, then check out the rest of our site! We’re bound to impress you with more profit-turning information