How to Use Cash Online (And Why It Will Always Be in Fashion)

Cash Online

When it comes to paying for a product or service, merchants and sellers love seeing cold, hard cash. After all, cash is money straight in your hands, and all the proof you need that you made a bona fide sale. But, with the advent of credit and debit card technology and online instant bank transfers, cash has seen its role in purchases dwindling steadily down the years. Now though, thanks to the ecash systems, cash is making a comeback. Let’s take a closer look at ways to use cash in your online purchases and bill payments, and why cash is still preferred, and will continue to be, by parts of the population.

How to Use Cash for Online Bill Payments

You can use a reputed alternative payment method such as vanilladirect to use cash to pay for all online bills, including insurance premiums. This type of method is especially useful for the underbanked or unbanked sections of the country but is versatile and flexible enough to be used by others too, especially those with security concerns regarding sharing sensitive data over the internet. This is because, in this type of method, you don’t need to own a bank account and also don’t need to share your private financial data over the Internet. 

Buyers that prefer to pay by cash enroll for the method. They are then offered a unique barcode either in a print form or digitally. Next, they can visit any of the tens of thousands of participating merchants and shopping chains across the country, select the goods, and scan the barcode. The amount for the purchase or bill is then paid in cash at the cash-counter to the cashier at the participating merchant store. This method helps buyers who get paid in cash for their salaries, or who simply prefer using cash instead of using credit cards that have interest rates that can add up quickly over time. 

Let’s take a closer look at why so many customers and merchants still prefer cash for their transactions, and why cash will always be in style.

Benefits of the Cash Method of Making Purchases

Cash offers complete freedom and autonomy. Using only currency notes and coins means your purchases don’t leave a paper trail. This ensures you have complete privacy when you pay a bill or make a purchase. Cash is also a bona fide, legal tender that cannot be refused unless specified. Cash helps the underbanked and unbanked sections of society. It is inclusive. It can be used by people that have little or no access to online and card payment methods, making it especially attractive for vulnerable parts of the populace. This can include both the elderly as well as poorer sections of society.

Cash is helpful for people that prefer using it over credit or debit cards. Cash also prevents over-spending and adding up of interest over credit purchases. Use cash methods to pay for your purchases to maintain your long-term fiscal discipline.