How to Use a USB Flash Drive: A Basic Tech Guide

Use a USB Flash Drive
Use a USB Flash Drive

How do you save your important files?

While most of us save things on our computers or on online saving resources, sometimes you need to get your photos, texts, or videos from point A to point B. Emailing files isn’t always an option if they’re too big or discs are outdated, and not everyone likes using file-sharing platforms.

If you’re transferring information without the internet, it’s even harder.

This is where the tried and true USB drive comes in. Many people don’t know how to use a USB flash drive anymore. They’re less popular these days, but that doesn’t make them less useful. 

Keep reading to learn all about how to use a flash drive along with the benefits of flash drives.

Find the Right Drive

Not all flash drives are created equal. When you’re choosing a drive to use, make sure that it’s suitable for the purpose that you need it for. 

The biggest factor here is your file sizes. Each flash drive has a set amount of data that it’s prepared to hold and transfer. You also need to look into transfer speed.

Check out and compare USB sizes to the files that you have.

Import Information

Most computers have a spot for USBs. You can also get an external USB port if you don’t have one free. That should give you a few extra slots.

Put your USB stick into the port. It should come pre-formatted. Once it’s in the port, your computer should identify it. Despite being a USB, the computer may refer to it as a storage disc. Rest assured that it’s still a USB.

You can save things directly onto the drive as you would the internal memory if you select the drive when you hit the “save to” button. You can also transfer files by selecting the file and dragging it to the USB (or copying and pasting it). 

Remove the Drive

Before you remove the USB, double-check to make sure that everything is where it needs to be. Once you’re sure that all of your files are in place, it’s time to safely remove it.

While most people don’t have an issue with simply pulling the drive, this isn’t the best way to remove it. Instead, right-click on the USB drive and click the “eject” option. 

Transfer Information

When you’re ready to bring your information to another device, place the USB as you did before. When it shows up on the computer, open it by clicking on the USB option and all of your files should show up.

Save them to the device and you’re done!

That’s How to Use a USB Flash Drive

Learning how to use a USB flash drive is a lost skill in the world of easy internet file transfers, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. USB sticks are convenient, easy, and reusable. You never have to worry about losing files online or difficult file sizes.

Give it a shot today!

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