How to Talk to Parents About Moving Into Assisted Living the Right Way

How to Talk to Parents

It’s expected that in 2040, 21.6% of America’s population will be over 65 years old. This is up from 16% in 2019.

If your parents aren’t already senior citizens, then there’s a good chance they will be in the next 20 years. Because of this, you want to be prepared for care options.

But the elderly can be resistant, especially since they’ll be in a new place with strangers taking care of them.

To help you out, here are some tips on how to talk to parents about moving into assisted living.

Do It Early

Don’t leave this talk until the last minute, when your parents need assisted living urgently. Instead, have the talk ASAP so you can calmly and rationally discuss choices without them feeling pressured.

When you’ve already talked about assisted living options, it won’t be as big of a shock when it comes time to move. That means your parents won’t be as resistant and they’ll be more comfortable for their transition into senior living.

Go For Tours

Your parents might be adamantly against assisted living facilities, but that’s because they’ve never actually been to one before. Book tours so they can see what the facilities look like; it may be completely different from what they expected!

For example, instead of a drab recreational room, there might be retirement home digital signage that really brightens up the place and makes residents feel welcome! Or maybe the facility has such luxurious amenities that it feels like a resort rather than an assisted living home.

When you tour the best-assisted living facilities, it’ll be easier for your parents to envision themselves residing there. And if they have any questions or concerns, they’ll be able to ask them right away. Being there in person is the best way for your parents to figure out if a property is right for them or not.

Make Sure to Listen

No matter what you decide on, the most important part of how to discuss assisted living is to listen.

We know you only want the best for your parents, but your thoughts may not necessarily align with theirs. You need to show that you have an open ear and that you’re putting their needs first. They’re the ones who will be living there, after all, so they should have the final say in where they go and what amenities are most important.

Know How to Talk to Parents About Moving Into Assisted Living

When you know how to talk to parents about moving into assisted living, it’ll be an easier time for everyone. By showing you’re listening to their needs and by having a plan laid out ahead of time, the transition into this type of living won’t be as taxing. And as a result, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your elderly parents are in good hands.

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