How To Survive Garena Free Fire

 Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire, or also known as Free Fire, is a popular shooting game in the gaming community today. Since being developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena in the year 2017, Free Fire has continued making a name for itself throughout the years. 

Free Fire is a battle royale game where up to 50 players worldwide fight their way for survival. Players must be able to search for and take weapons and supplies throughout the island, to be able to survive and be the last man standing.

Whether you are a newbie to this game or have been playing for a while, check out these tips to survive the mayhem of Free Fire PC and Phone! 

1. Strategize Your Starting Position

The match starts with you and other players on a plane hovering above the island. And since you’d get to see an overview of the whole island, you get to decide and choose a starting point for your character. You can use this to your advantage and jump in once the plane reaches your desired location.

When choosing, you must consider a strategic location. First of all, it should be a unique location that differs from other players. You wouldn’t want to go to the same place as others did. And worse, your opponent might land there first, position themselves, and kill your character with such ease.

Moreover, opt for higher grounds. It’s a good place to start since you’d have better visibility of what’s going around without being seen. Additionally, it can give you a good vantage point to help you map out the island in terms of where you can get weapons and other supplies.  

2. Be Alert At All Times

As mentioned, the game can accommodate up to 50 players. That can be a lot, especially since you’re fighting the battle alone. To ensure that you survive until the end, you must be patient and stay observant. Use your controls to move around and carefully listen to your audio for any gunshots from other players. With this, you can secure a kill without compromising your life in the game. Keep alert and eliminate your enemies while still watching your back.

 3. Play As A Team

Speaking of watching your back, wouldn’t it be much easier if there’s someone in your team to do so? There are types of matches in Garena free fire. You can play solo, with a duo, or as a squad. 

If you find it more engaging and fun to play with friends by your side, consider playing as a team. Communicate with each other, take down your opponents one step at a time, and grab that win!

How To Survive Garena Free Fire

 4. Take As Much Survival Kits As Possible

Garena Free Fire isn’t just about shooting a target. The game finds its balance by imitating some real-life situations. Aside from weapons, consider increasing your defense and survivability by getting items like protective gear and a medical kit.

For instance, acquiring a vest can significantly boost your chances of survival since it can reduce damage taken in the torso by around 33%-70%. While a helmet can reduce damage taken in the head by around 33%-57%. These gears come in various levels.

The same goes with obtaining a medical kit in your inventory. For instance, a mushroom can restore health points, but you need to use it on the spot. There are four levels of mushrooms. They can restore around 50-200 health points. Additionally, repair kits allow you to repair your vest, and an armored repair kit lets you fix both your vest and helmet and increase their level by one.

 5. Secure Your Ammunition 

Your enemies are numerous and can be found anywhere. And chances are they may not die in just one shot. See to it that you have enough ammunition. Reload as needed. Don’t shoot recklessly, or else your enemies might locate you. Save your bullets for the right target.

You may also use some of your gunshots to mislead your location from enemies. Outsmart your enemies and take the kill.

6. Keep Moving

One of the sickest ideas Garena Free Fire may have is the game’s ability to break a stalemate. The game’s map tightens, forcing encounters between players. The mechanic is, a safe zone is placed from time to time. Players need to reach the space inside. The character’s health points outside the area will drop until it dies. 

So, keep moving. Once the safe zone is up, take as much ground as possible. Stay cautious with enemies, as you might encounter them while doing so. Aside from this, there are instances wherein other players may trap you in an area if you don’t move from your location. Move from one place to another to prevent getting outflanked.

  7. Modify Your Weapons

There may be instances where your character gets the same weapon as the enemy has. With that said, once you encounter that opponent, your shooting may deal as much damage as the adversary can deal. 

To give you a slight advantage, consider increasing your weapon stats. For example, scopes in rifles may give you increased accuracy. Upgrade your weapon as much as possible.


Garena Free Fire can be fun and challenging for many. If you’re up to the challenge and thrill of winning, play the game with these tips, and you’ll see your gameplay like a beast. Survive, claim the win, and be number one!