Want More Traffic From Google Search Engine?
Submit Your Website or Blog Sitemap To Google Webmaster
When you create a website or a blog, then you have one thing in your mind always that is how to list/index your wbesite or blog in search engines like Google. This thing is possible with your website’s sitemap submitted to google webmaster tools.  After submitting Sitemap to Google websmaster tools, your all articles will be indexed by google search engine within 24 hours only. Let’s rock with your website…

Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

What is sitemap   A sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs inside your blog. This file helps crawlers to find all of the URLs of your blog. 

There are many aspects of your site that a crawler will follow, such as the size of your sitemap and the number of URLs in your sitemap.  In short, a sitemap is a complete index of your blog that you want search engine bots to see.

Steps to Submit Sitemap To Google WebMaster Tools:

1)  Firstly, Create a XML Sitemap for Your Website or Blog
Now its time to create a sitemap for your website. Normally a sitemap file is a formatted with the extension of .xml. create your website’s sitemap thronline tools

To Create A sitemap For Your Website- Click Here

2) Uplaod Sitemap to Website

When you have a sitemap.xml file, now go to upload it to your website’s root directory.

3) Submit Sitemap to Google WebMaster

Submit sitemap to google
Submit Sitemap to google webmaster

Log in to Google Webmaster Tools using your free Google account Click Here.

  • Type your website’s full URL in the “Add Site” option at top of the Google webmater tools.
  • Now Click on “Add Site map” link on the right side of your website name.

4) Indexing By Google WebMaster Tools
You have done your job well. Its google time. So wait for aprox 2 or 3 days.
  • After these days, you can check your website’s Indexing like this- Click Here

If there are lot of posts of your websites, that means, Google has indexed your website.

Full Video Tutorial

So if you want to index your website, you should create your sitemap and submit it to webmaster tool. Your website will get traffic after indexing to google search.

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