How to Start Monetizing your Podcast Shows and Events

Podcast Shows and Events

Many non-podcasters and new podcasters don’t know that you can monetize your podcast. People often ask how making money from a podcast show is even possible.  What are the chances that I will make money from my podcast? What are the steps toward podcast monetization? 

The reality is that anyone can begin monetizing their podcast show. It’s not difficult, especially with the assistance of a sponsorship monetization platform. If you’re looking for a monetization platform for your podcast, click here.

Monetization is a lot easier when you have a large following. The larger your listener base, the more positioned you are for bigger podcast sponsorship deals. 

The major challenges of podcast monetization

Anyone who says podcast monetization comes without its challenges has probably never tried it. Podcast monetization is possible, but it requires dedication and consistency. 

The first challenge to making money from your podcasts is getting started. It is easy to join a podcast network or start advertising online materials using your podcast shows, but drafting the plans and implementing them is a different ball game. 

The second problem of podcast monetization is growing your audience. You can only enjoy the immense benefits of starting a podcast show when you have a higher listener count. Otherwise, you might lose out on sponsorship deals for your podcast. 

How to start making money from your podcast shows today

We’ve outlined some steps to help you learn how to monetize a podcast show as a new podcaster or an established host. Here are our top 7 strategies that will help you start earning from your engaging podcast content. 

1.Get sponsorship and advertisement deals

This method is the most common approach to podcast monetization for your shows and events. Find companies and brands interested in your content and willing to pay for a featured ad on your engaging podcast show. 

There is no exact criterion to qualify for most sponsorship, advertisement, or podcast promotional deals. But having a huge subscriber or listeners count increases your chance. 

However, what ultimately matters is your potential to boost the sponsoring brand’s sales or awareness. These brands sign partnership deals with allocated space to advertise their services on your show. 

2. Accept donations

Even if you don’t know how to monetize a podcast, free-will donations from your subscribed listeners are another way to make money from podcasting. 

It can be a bit awkward to ask for donations so, why not just state your reasons or intended purpose for the donations? Just express that any donations will help to improve the quality of your podcasting equipment.

Besides, listeners would love to contribute as long as they enjoy your corporate podcast ideas. Just place a visible CTA (call to action) asking for the donations on your podcast website.

3. Offer premium podcast content

Starting a premium podcast series is another approach to making money from podcasts. It involves starting extra episodes in addition to your regular free ones. If you keep your audience engaged, many might be willing to access exclusive content for a fee. But that’s only after you have maintained valuable podcast ideas. 

Premium content would contain more insights, detailed recordings, behind-the-scenes footage, and ad-free content. 

If you choose to do this, do not jeopardize the quality of free episodes and their value for paid shows. Otherwise, you risk losing subscribers who feel segregated because your show is getting popular. 

4. Join an advertising network

Learn how to promote a podcast and start monetizing shows when you join an advertising network. They are third-party platforms that connect podcast hosts with potential sponsors. Since they consist of many different podcast shows, it is much easier for an advertising network to secure podcast monetization and sponsorship deals for you.

But it comes with a cost – a percentage cut from your earnings. Therefore, cross-check the terms and conditions before signing up with a podcast advertising network. 

Sponsorship deals usually pay per 1,000 impressions of their featured ad. Some podcasting networks might consider your number of subscribed listeners before accepting you.

5. Affiliate marketing 

Master how to monetize your podcast shows when you promote a brand’s products or services using their affiliate link. It’s a pay-on-commission podcast monetization technique that accrues your earnings as listeners purchase through your link. 

There are several companies that offer affiliate marketing services. Just search and sign up with the ones you trust and try to find one within your niche. Make sure it’s a brand you know to avoid misleading your loyal listeners’ base. The affiliate earnings you receive ultimately depend on the size of your podcast audience. 

6. Repurpose your podcast ideas

Do you have some engaging podcast ideas that racked up high-stream numbers? Are those podcast shows educational in any way? Do they build knowledge? Try converting them to online courses, blog posts, YouTube videos, or books. 

Repurposing your podcast show makes the same content accessible to an even wider audience reach. For instance, converting podcasts to blog posts. It is a chance to meet those that prefer written content over recorded shows. 

Remember to promote the repurposed idea in upcoming episodes, whether you are converting podcasts to online courses, videos, or books. 

7. Organize live events and shows

Want one more strategy on how to start monetizing your podcast? Organize live shows! It is a podcast monetization strategy that works, especially when you have a large loyal audience fan base.

These people resonate with your engaging podcast ideas and would pay at the slightest opportunity for an in-person session like a meet-and-greet. Host live events and offer paid tickets to admit participating audiences. With proper planning, live shows are the perfect way to earn and make money podcasting. 


If you want to start monetizing your podcast shows and events, try any of the suggestions in this guide. The podcast advertisement strategies we mentioned are comprehensive and suitable for beginners and pros alike. 

So, when next you’re faced with how to monetize a podcast, remember to try any of the above methods. There is no one way to make it big from podcasting. Be creative when implementing the working strategies to fit your podcast.