How to Set Up the Perfect Camping Shower

 How to Set Up the Perfect Camping Shower
How to Set Up the Perfect Camping Shower

A cold shower in the morning can activate your day in a refreshing mood. While a warm shower in the evening may dispose you into a relaxing feeling. Hence, it completes your day.

However, in camping, maintaining your body fresh and clean could be problematic. It might suck you dry figuring out how you can get a decent shower. If for a short while, it’s pretty tolerable to continue the camping activities without bathing, but not on a longer period.  

While it is important to be hygienic, you wouldn’t like either to stress yourself out and spoil the rest of your camping.  To help you, in this article, we provided you with information and insights on how to set up the perfect camping shower. 

Factors in Choosing a Shower

It is imperative for you to consider various factors in getting a shower that suits your needs. Here are some of it.

  • Purpose – either you just want a quick full-body wash or you want to enjoy every moment of showering in a camp. It’s all up to you. But this matters with what type of shower will you bring.
  • Weight – since this is camping, all things that you will bring must be lightweight including your shower. But don’t mind if you wish to take a spa-like shower in a camping site.
  • Type – depending on your choice, you must also consider whether your shower is solar, gravity, portable, and portable with hot water. Keep in mind that your shower can adapt to the situation of the camp. 
  • Construction Materials – make sure that your shower can withstand the rigors of camping. You may either use plastic to monitor your water supply or fabric-made due to being lightweight. 

How to set-up?

Despite the simplicity of this technology, you must be familiar with setting up and using your shower. Listed below are important guidelines to maximize the use of the best camping shower

  • Water Supply – if your camping site is near an abundant supply of water, fill this up to the desired volume. Nevertheless, no need to make it full when the water is limited. In remote camping sites, you will need to bring at least 5 gallons of water for your shower.
  • Heat – it varies from different set-ups to produce warm water for shower. For low-tech gravity-fed and canvass-bucket, you need warm water first before filling its bag. While for solar and electric showers, the mechanism to heat water is integrated into the technology.  

Hang – it depends on the type of shower you bring but nonetheless it’s pretty simple. 

  1. If you’re going to use a gravity-fed shower you can either tie the nozzle into a tree branch or simply hold it up. 
  2. For solar showers, hold it or hang it upon where it can be hit by direct sunlight to make it work.  
  3. For canvass bucket, fill the bag first with water before suspending it on a sturdy tree or tent steel. Just make sure that the rope is long and tough enough to hold it because it’s pretty heavy. It contains about 15 liters of water. 
  4. For electric-powered showers, it’s the most convenient to use. Just stick the 12 V pump and hose into a bucket of water, then suspend the lightweight nozzle on a tree or tent post. 


It’s pretty amazing how you can set-up a perfect shower at a campsite. There are a lot of types to choose from, the simple low-technology showers up to more advanced but lightweight ones. Needless to say, you can endure extended periods of camping without neglecting our hygiene.

To wind up, try setting up your own version of a camping shower at home and see if this will work. When it does, its time to go and take your vacation up a notch.    

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