Google AdSense is also providing a different and unique type of ads that is “Page-level ads”. Simply, it is only for mobile sites so it will not work on desktop browsers. Page level ads doesn’t require to update its code again and again. It has same code for all pages or full website.Here is a How To Tutorial for this trick.

How To Set AdSense Page Level Ads For Mobile Sites
Google Page Level AdSense

New Page Level Ads by AdSense for Mobile sites

This new experimental ad type is for mobile site has two kinds of ads:

  1. Anchor/overlay ads
  2. Vignette

How To Enable Adsense Page Level Ads:

1) Firstly, login to your adsense account and click on “my ad units” and then “page level ads“.

2) Turn both options “ON” as shown in image.
How To Set AdSense Page Level Ads For Mobile Sites
Page Level Ads Setting Tab

3) Now, get your code by tapping on “get code“.

Where To Place Page Level Ads Code in Template or Theme:

1) You have your copied code.
2) Go to your template’s section.
3) Paste your code inside the section. It may be at top or anywhere but it should be inside section (see Image).
How To Set AdSense Page Level Ads For Mobile Sites
Code Inside Head Section section.
4) Click on “save“.

Test Your Website for Page Level Ads

1) Open a web browser in mobile (Google Chrome fully supports this feature).
2) Open your website and wait for 3-4 seconds to load google ads.
3) If nothing there, now ad /#googleads at the end of your url.
4) Your website will look like this- 

How To Set AdSense Page Level Ads For Mobile Sites
Preview of Page Level Ads
Note- If your website doesn’t look like this, you have any error in above steps. Please read carefully. If you have any query or doubt, feel free to comment here…
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Last words- It is a very unique type of google adsense ads that will make you more profitable with your ads.Google AdSense Page Level Ads is simply unique and more earning type of ads. The above tutorial was how to set page level ads on any blog or website with full tutorial.

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