How to Send a Mass Messages on LinkedIn

Messages on LinkedIn

Are you looking for ways to send mass messages on LinkedIn to your LinkedIn connections? 

With thousands of users on LinkedIn, it is almost impossible to get in touch in the shortest time. Well, here’s some good news for you. You can easily send automated mass messages to your connections with just one click. 

Yes, we’re talking about LinkedIn automated messages.

Before getting into how to send a mass message on LinkedIn, let’s first get to know what exactly is an automated message on LinkedIn:

What is an Automated Message?

An automated message is a message that is drafted to be sent to your connection or group of connections at a certain date and time. Simply put, you write up the Message you want to send to your connections and then use a LinkedIn automation tool to schedule their broadcasting. Automated messages offer many benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Enables you to send timely messages.
  • Establish a good rapport with your connections.
  • Get more responses. 

But how to send a mass message on LinkedIn? Well, LinkedIn automation saves you a lot of effort and time by enabling you to use your LinkedIn automating messaging feature. Plus, they make the mass messaging process much easier, more effective, and straightforward.  

But do LinkedIn automation tools have any additional features? Although they vary from one automation tool to the next, most offer a wide range of functions to put the monotonous LinkedIn tasks on autopilot.

For instance, the majority of LinkedIn automation tools let you:

  • Automate the process of issuing message inquiries, checking profiles, endorsing skills, and more.
  • Adapting your communications to the characteristics of your target audiences
  • Receiving routine updates on your sales campaign
  • Identifying the people, your firm is trying to reach
  • Receiving feedback based on insights from campaigns with the aid of pertinent metrics.

Additionally, while you concentrate on running other crucial business areas, like communicating with customers, LinkedIn message automation continues to run in the background on autopilot.

How Many Messages Can You Send On Linkedin?

You must be wondering how many messages LinkedIn automation allows you to send in a day. Well, there is no set limit. You can send as many automated messages as you want. But, LinkedIn has a few red flags you should be aware of. 

If you send more than 50 messages in a day, LinkedIn will find it suspicious and may flag your account. Also, if you keep messaging different connections in a short time, your account might come under the radar of the LinkedIn surveillance team.

The LinkedIn automation tool you use to automate messaging plays an important role in keeping your account secure from red flags. One such tool is Dripify. It is known for its exceptionally robust safety protocols and performance. 

How to Send A Mass Message on Linkedin Using Dripify?

With dripify, you can easily send automated messages and increase your automated outreach. 

So, how do you automate messages on LinkedIn using Dripify?

The first step you need to take is to define your goals on the basis of individual requirements. Here are some examples of the type of goals you should have for your business:

  1. The hiring of candidates.
  2. Searching for investments.
  3. Lead generation.
  4. Developing personal brand power. 
  5. Professional network growth.

Following are some features that Dripify LinkedIn outreach automation tool provides:

  • Sending invites to connect
  • Follow-ups
  • Scrape LinkedIn profiles
  • Automatic profile viewing
  • Message-sending with connections
  • Sending emails and answering them
  • Choosing profiles and businesses to target in accordance with your target market
  • Inviting a group via email
  • Praising the abilities of your contacts
  • Invite individuals to follow your business profile by sending them messages

Prior to choosing the right automation solution, you must decide which characteristics are most important to you (depending on your objectives). 

Mass Messages on Linkedin (Examples)

The message you send over LinkedIn plays an important role as it is like your first direct impression. Hence, you must be aware of the messages that will elicit a response from others. Therefore, we have put together a series of examples for you to assist you in understanding better.

Example 1: Connection Request Message 

This serves as an illustration of a connection request message. It works well since the sender highlights the similarities by mentioning: 

 Their respective fields of expertise 

  • The shared relationship 
  • A discussion they had over a post on LinkedIn 

Sample: Hi Adam, I Came across your LinkedIn profile and saw you also work in an industrial area. I’m reaching out to connect with other link-minded people. Would be grateful to make your acquaintance.

Example 2: Building a Relationship 

This illustrates how to build relationships with connections that could be useful to you. This Message appeals to the prospective person’s self-interest. It requests their thoughts on a contentious issue being debated within the cited field. 

 Sample: Hello, Robert. I’ve got a sales question for you.

Do you think we should constantly personalize our cold emails, in your opinion? Or is it merely hyped up?



Example 3: Free Offer

The following example can serve as inspiration for your pitch if you’re looking for ideas. This sales proposal appeals to the emotions of his target market. Additionally, a free deal is included. This tempts individuals to pursue the relationship. The cherry on top is that the pitch was delivered to people who are acquainted with him, making it simple to proceed with the big “ask.”

Sample: Hello [NAME]

I hope your week has been going well so far. In order to start our journey, [BUSINESS NAME] is looking for investors. We are now trying to close our first round of finance following [RECENTLY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS PROJECT].

I decided to message you after browsing through LinkedIn to find out if this offer would be relevant.

If you’re interested to take part in an innovative initiative in [INDUSTRY], do let me know so we can talk more.

I appreciate your time.


Take ideas from these message samples and draft yours perfectly!

How Can I Send a Message on Linkedin in Bulk?

Sending a message to a group of connections directly without using any other automated technologies is the initial method of mass messaging on LinkedIn. If you use this feature excessively, LinkedIn’s algorithms may interpret your actions as spam and restrict your account. 

Because of this, you should only select connections that are pertinent, and you should write them a message that is appropriate for the dialogue. 

To use this option, follow these six steps: 

  1. Access your mailbox on LinkedIn.
  2. Select “More” by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Choose “New Group Conversation”.
  4. Enter the names of the first-level connections you want to message (the maximum number of group participants is 50).
  5. Type a name for this group conversation. 
  6. Compose a message and click the ‘send’ button. 

This option is not convenient as it involves sending messages to a group where everyone can read the conversation. Therefore, you can always opt for automation tools, as stated above. Automation tools work best when it comes to making tasks easier and more effective.


  • What can you automate on LinkedIn?

There are different tools that offer a variety of automation options. The majority of technologies let you send Inmails and follow-ups, connection requests, and campaign insights. Some programs even let you automatically issue group invitations, endorse connections, and choose profiles and businesses based on your target market.

  • How do I send a system-generated Message?

A system-generated message can be transmitted in one of two ways. First, you can send a system-generated message by selecting the recipients you want to send the message to via the compose mail option. Then, hit send when you’re finished writing the Message.

The second method is to actively search LinkedIn for members of your target audience and craft personalized messages for each one. You would have to visit their profiles, choose “Connect,” and then type your message.

  • How do I send a message to all members of a LinkedIn group?

You can send a message by placing your cursor over “Interests” at the top of your webpage, choosing Groups, and then clicking on the group name. Then, click the group’s membership count in the top right corner. Your inbox will then appear after you click the Send message link under the member’s name. Click Send Message after finishing your Message.

  • How do I send a bulk message to a LinkedIn recruiter?

Having signed up for Recruiter:

  • Select Product settings from the dropdown menu when your cursor is over your homepage’s profile photo.
  • On the left, click Preferences.
  • You can send a bulk message by selecting Edit to the right of Enable bulk messaging restrictions on the Preferences page.


Now you know how to send a mass message on LinkedIn. You can make so many connections in one go. LinkedIn automation is the best way to connect with people over LinkedIn who have similar interests as you. 

It’s high time that you start building relationships and grow your business to the next level!