How To See Sent Friend Requests On Facebook

Facebook is an American company and it offers online social networking services. Facebook was found in the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. It is a large social networking website compare to other social networks. The Facebook headquarters is located in Menlo Park, California. It has free of cost to access Facebook. But the revenue of the company generates from advertisements on the Website. Users can share photos, post comments, and they can also post some interesting content on the web. So here you can add new friends by sending requests.

So when you send a request to a person on Facebook, you need to wait to view his/her profile and to interact with them until they accept your request. If someone accepts your request Facebook notifies you, but there is no way to know if someone ignores you. So here we are to provide how to see sent friend requests on Facebook which are sent by you over these years.

check friend requests on Facebook

What is a Friend Request on Facebook?

There are a lot of customizations on Facebook. so here Facebook allows you to customize the privacy of your account. So by using these privacy settings you can able to do that only friends can view your profile. So if someone wants to view your profile and content shared by you he must be your friend. If he is not your friend on Facebook then he must send a Friend Request, then Facebook sends you a notification that you got a new friend request. You can decide whether you want to accept it or not. If you accept, they will appear on your friend list. They were able to view all your content.

How to check friend requests on the Facebook app.

The latest version of the Facebook app allows users to check sent friend requests. Follow the steps below to view the sent friend requests.

Step1: Navigate to find friends from the hamburger menu.

First, you have to install the Facebook app on your device. After login with your credentials and there you find the menu on the top-right corner for Android or the Bottom-right corner on iPhone.Tap on the Menu. Then tap on friends or find friends on the menu.

Step2: Tap See All

After choosing the friends or Find friends option it will not take you to a friends list, instead, off it will take you to some of the friends requests that you received from other people. If you want to see the total requests then tap on see all which you find on the top-right area opposite to friend requests.

Step3: Tap the overflow menu.

After tapping on see all, you will see the requests that you received, but here you want to see the requests sent by you. So tap the overflow menu which is located on the top-right corner just opposite the requests.

Step4: Tap view sent requests.

After you tap on the overflow menu under the drop-down you will find View Sent Requests. Tapping on That, you will

How to see friend requests on Facebook on Browser.

First, you have to log in to Facebook in any web browser, and then follow the steps below to see the friend requests.

 See Sent Friend Requests On Facebook

1.Once you logged in to Facebook with your credentials, Click on ‘friends’ which you find in the left side panel.
2.So after that, on the left side you will see the list of users who sent requests to you. Click on ‘See All which is beside Friend Requests.
3.Then click on View Sent Request in the left panel. This will show you the complete list of friend requests sent by you.

Can I Unsend the Friend Request?

Yes, You can unsend the friend request that you send if the user does not accept the request. If you canceling the friend request it will not notify the user.