How to save your startup from the disaster of debt?

With the launch of a startup, you willingly and unwillingly get burdened with enormous responsibilities as the entrepreneur and the person, behind growing the project from a child to an adult. And hence, you have to take many important decisions, some of which are bold. Managing finances and lending vast amounts from the market to start your project is a significant risk and a bold decision. But unless you get bold here, you cannot think big, because not every entrepreneur starts their business from the financial ability and status of a multi-millionaire. How to save your startup from the disaster of debt?

How to save your startup from the disaster of debt?

Taking business loans for the startup to grow

To grow the business, you need funds. And unless you arrange the funds from the market by the selling shares or raising loans, you cannot invest in the various wings of the business. Hence it’s pretty natural and reasonable for the entrepreneurs to raise funds from the market in some way, and manage the repayment of the funds back to the creditor sources on time. That happens through the lifetime of the business cyclically.

But the challenge lies in this fund management and repaying off the dues in due time from the revenue generated from the business. And that is money management as well as business management. When things go well, you are destined to shine. However sometimes you go through a bumpy ride in this matter, and then you may have to think of solutions differently to keep your business going on and unaffected.

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When do you get into business debts?

Reviewing a debt situation, and taking decisions accordingly is one of the most important things and timely decision you can make to save your startup from disaster. Do not get into the notion that this would be the only and last loan that you had taken, and failing to pay this off will not take you anywhere. Instead, being the entrepreneur, you will need loans to continue with various new ventures. Any new setup, expansion of business, a new association, planning a new business wing, promotional events and product launches with a big bang, all would need your money. And where do you think you will get all that supply from if you don’t have a good credit score and history in the market?

That is why you must stay clean as a debtor even if it’s one or a few small loans. You cannot, and must not let your credit history get dampened, and the score gets down. And to save it from the downfall one of the best considerations is debt consolidation.

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You get into debts while running or launching a startup

It’s the natural thing that when you are running a startup, you definitely will have a few parallel loans running. Multiple debts are so very common in most startups. But the problem and miseries that often comes with various obligations can be dangerous. As long as you are okay to pay the monthly instalments towards the loans at the different dates, you are okay. But being at the initial stage of the startup you won’t possibly appoint another person to take care of the debt management. And if you manage it all, then surely a time may come when out of sheer work pressure you miss the date of payment of one or few loans. Other situations, like when you are not generating enough revenue to pay back, may also come and disturb the peace of your mind. How to save your startup from the disaster of debt?

Problems that come with nonpayment of loans

Multiple issues come with non-payment of loans. Your credit record gets lowered. Your credit history shows the records. The Name gets corrupt in the market as the debtor. Lenders start giving you recovery call and reminders for the dues. You accumulate penalties and late payment charges against the dues. And you even get legal notices for auction from creditors. All these happen really with several companies and startups. And the best thing to do in such a scenario is to give yourself some time and come to the solution of debt consolidation.

Using debt consolidation to get out of dues

You will have to take loans time and again in business, and you must know the art of getting out of dues too, so that you may recover your startup from a financial crunch, and gather your power again to make corrections.

Consolidating debt means to bring all your debt together into one single account, so instead of paying at several places for several loans, you may only one monthly interest against one loan, and that too at a lower interest rate through a longer tenure. It eases the burden on you, and payments get a lot easier and affordable. With the reduced burden on you, you can again think of the business and focus on your startup better. Debt consolidation reviews from many entrepreneurs have revealed how this give fresh direction to a company which started going haywire under the pressure of dues and bad performance together. How to save your startup from the disaster of debt?

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How We Can go for debt consolidation?

You can plan for debt consolidation by talking to a financial advisor, or visit websites where you can check top debt consolidation companies BBB accredited reviews. They have a complete guide on where to approach, and how things can quickly be done online without moving from one bank to another. Traditional banks are also available online to receive applications, and you can also avail many private lenders, online banks, etc. for this by applying through one common source which forwards your request to many.

Your credit score will be taken into account, and your earnings from the startup will be reviewed before you are approved a consolidated loan. Once you get this loan, you may then use the loan amount to pay off and close all existing loans from various sources, so that you are debt free except for this one new loan you took.


Consolidation of debt opens the path for organized financial planning as your debt get sorted into one single channel, and you pay a reasonable, manageable amount each month towards the payment of the instalments.

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