All you should know about how to save content from Insta

Save Pictures from Instagram
Save Pictures from Instagram

You know where to find great content: yes, you are right, Instagram. The platform is brimming with a variety of content to suit all tastes. Generally speaking, Insta has initially been a photo-oriented platform, but today the options to share visuals are plentiful: Reels, Live videos, Stories, IGTV, and of course, colored pictures in your profile and newsfeed. 

There is a wide range of information on Insta: informative, entertaining, motivating, or simply inspiring. But, wait, how can you pick out something essential for yourself and, most importantly, not lose it in such an abundance of content and info?

The point is, of course, that IG doesn’t provide features like downloading content outside the platform. Instead, you can send a video post or a picture to a “Saved”. But you still need to go to the Insta platform to view it.

The theme of downloading is a hot one: many tutorials on YouTube, articles on Google, and other sources of how to download pictures. But today, I’d like to take a look at a simple guide to the most effective ways of saving. Hopefully, in the end, you’ll decide which method is “closer to your heart”. 

Save with Chrome extensions

Image Downloader for IW, Instagram Downloader, Downloader for Instagram, Image and video downloader, etc., are some Chrome extensions that allow you to save pictures from Insta via the web.

To download Instagram pictures chrome via an extension (for example, with the Image and video downloader), install it (from Chrome Web Store) and then load Insta on the browser to find images you need to keep into a desktop folder. Then just right-click on the photo, pick out “Save as”, and it will be uploaded into a default pc folder.

Save with additional tools

DownloadGram, iGram, Instagram Photo Download, Bigbangram, Instaoffline, and other tools are examples of web-based instruments that help you get high-quality images from Insta.

All you need to do to upload a photo is to access an online tool, insert an image link into its entry field, press a button, and you’ll find the image in your device folder for downloads. 

The advantage of such instruments is that they do not need to be installed (that’s why they are online), and some do not even ask for access to your IG account (you go straight to downloading, inserting the previously copied Instagram link). But be careful when choosing such tools because, like many web tools, they may contain malicious links.

Save several images at once

If downloading one photo is not for you, there are other options to help you save more than one photo at a time. For example, 4K Stogram, or Save-o-gram downloaders are such bulk image savers. They have both a paid version and a free trial (so that you know). Compared to previous tools, you would need to install these before you start downloading.

Save with apps to iPhone and Android

There is another option for those who like apps on their phone photo and video download apps. The selection of such tools for Android is not as bad, but the choice is not so extensive for iPhones. Anyway, you may try a FastSave for Instagram, Regrann, Saver Reposter for Instagram (Android), and Fastsave – Repost photo videos, Repost: For Instagram (iPhone).

Of course, the first step you need to do before getting Instagram pictures on your phone is to install an app, then point out your IG gata to access the account, and then find an image you desire to upload to a phone gallery. Such applications are generally multifunctional, so they are not limited to just a download function.


I hope one of these quick and effective methods of saving IG images has worked for you. Download Instagram pictures chrome, save with mobile apps, upload with external web-based tools, or as a last resort, use a screenshot. 

In any case, I would like to say one last important thing. There can be several reasons for downloading content: ideas for inspiration, a helpful guide in a few pictures, or any other attractive IG photo that you can access 24/7 and don’t have to go to the platform every time to look at it again. But, please, respect the rights of the owner of this picture, do not violate the copyright law, do not use the downloaded content for sale, and, of course, do not represent yourself as to its author.