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Instagram is the most popular social media around the world. Instagram has a lot of features that allow users to download their own photos and bookmark other users’ images. But one thing about Instagram that may annoy some people is that it doesn’t allow us to download other users’ images. So, today HowToCrazy is here to let you know the method with the help of which you can save Instagram Photos on iPhone and you can save Instagram story on iPhone and How to save Instagram Video Downloader


How To Save Instagram Photos On iPhone

Method 1: Save Photos And Videos From Instagram Using ReGrammer.

Step1:  First you need to download ReGrammer app.


Step2: Now, in the Instagram app, find the photo or video you want to download, then tap on three dots on the right-hand side just above the photo, and select ‘Copy Link’.

Step3: Now you need to launch the ReGrammer app and paste the link you just copied into the box and hit Preview.

Step4: Tap on the Share button now.

Step5: Now tap on Save Image to save the photo or video to your Camera Roll.

There are a number of other apps too that can serve the same purpose but they usually contain in-app purchases and tons of ads, so try out this app.

Method 2: Save Instagram Photos through URL

Step 1: Navigate to the Instagram photo that you want to save. Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and choose “Copy Share URL”.

Step 2: Now, Open a browser and paste the URL to go to the page.

Step 3: Long press the photo and copy it.

Step 4: Open Note on your iPhone and long press to paste the photo.

Step 5: Now, click the Share button and choose “Save Image” to save the Instagram photo to Camera Roll.

This method is somewhat like the first one and not suitable for a large number of pictures.

Final Words :

You can just screenshot the Instagram post also and crop it, but these methods make the pictures easy to access and saving you the hassle of cropping them. So, guys try out these and let us know in case of any query.

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