Extensive Guide on How to Remove the Screen Lock on Android

How to Remove the Screen Lock on Android

The screen lock is necessary not only to protect the phone from unauthorized access by outsiders, but also to prevent accidental calls, launching an application, sending a message, and accessing social networks. But some users are burdened every time to perform several actions to use the gadget. In such cases, you should know how to remove the screen lock and how to pass it on Android and thus free yourself from entering passwords, keys, and other actions.

What are the types of screen locks on Android?

Screen protection in modern smartphones is implemented in several ways:

  1. If there is no protection after turning on the smartphone screen, you will immediately see the desktop.
  2. A simple swipe or “blind” – protection against accidental activation of applications. It is removed simply by moving your finger up.
  3. Graphic key – on the screen, there are points on which the user should draw a convenient drawing without lifting his finger. If you enter the drawing unsuccessfully several times in a row, access to the smartphone is blocked.
  4. Pin code – in this case, there are more combinations, so the security is higher. Also, if you enter the wrong digits, access to the smartphone is blocked.
  5. The fingerprint is one of the newest ways to lock your screen. It is the safest, as the papillary patterns are unique.
  6. Face recognition is another modern method. Its principle of operation is as follows: the camera recognizes the points on the human face, if they match the specified ones – the smartphone is automatically unlocked.
  7. Retina scanner – installed only on expensive models, it is considered the highest level of protection, as the retina is unique.

Most often, you can find a PIN code or a graphic key on the lock screen. Some users use the capabilities of third-party applications to protect the contents of the smartphone from unauthorized users. In this case, to open the desktop, you will have to solve a riddle or answer a question.

Standard tools to remove the lock

Every smartphone running on the Android operating system has a set of tools for installing and removing the lock screen. It is worth noting that this operating system is good because it is endowed with a variety of options for the personalization of the device.

To remove the block, you need to go to the “Settings” menu (depending on the brand and model of the phone, located both on the desktop and in the menu), select the “Security and screen lock” tab (the name may differ in different phones).

The next steps depend on which screen lock method was set:

  • swipe;
  • entering a PIN-code;
  • graphic key;
  • identification by fingerprint or in any other way.

If you know the password and the key, it will be easy to remove the lock – just enter these data in the “Security and screen lock” section. After that, the password data will be destroyed, and the phone will be open for access.

If the screen lock is removed by swiping – sliding your finger across the display from one side to the other – there is no need to remove it. However, it is almost impossible, since this option is activated by default as soon as the device goes to sleep mode. This has its own advantage – when the phone is in a bag or a pocket, it will not turn on an unnecessary application and will not make a call. But, this option will not protect the contents of the device from third parties.

Additional ways to unlock the screen

If your device has such an option as “Smart Lock”, you can set the automatic disabling of the display lock by setting certain conditions:

  • contact. The block will be removed, as soon as you pick up the device. In this case, no fingerprints or entering a password will be required;
  • non-dangerous places. On the map service, set the places where the phone should be unlocked. As long as this condition is in effect, once you’re in a particular location, your smartphone screen will automatically unlock. Keep in mind that anyone near you at that moment will also have access to the contents of your device;
  • trusted device. Performed through Bluetooth and another phone whose owner you trust. That is, once you connect the trusted device through this connection, your smartphone is unlocked;
  • voice command. Just say “Ok, Google” and the phone display will be unlocked;

Now you know how to remove the lock screen on Android. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice is always yours.