1. You wrote a good method here and all necessary information also mentioned. Really a good job. Thanks

  2. Not really a trick. Just FB standard appeal merhod for recovering a suspended account. I thought you were going to show maybe a way to use cached pages to recover photos and other information or make a cloned account using a similar method which I’ve heard of doing. Now that would be helpful especially if the account was permanently suspended.

  3. Yes! I know about this method. But. we cant share evrythng on this blog due to copyright content and we don’t want to get any claim related to hacking. So, we are sorry for that.

  4. great post. i tryed the appeal but they said my account was not disabled. my accou t has been held hostage for 5 days hackers wa t $100. to recover it. i have asked facebook 50 times for a recovery code they say se t ut i never get it. any help please. tha k you.

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