Its very easy to translate any web page or a full website into any specific language which you prefer to read. If you think you can not understand a language in which web page is written, don’t worry, you can translate that web page or full website into any language in which you want to read. Just follow the below steps and read all websites in your language.
HowToCrazy Hindi Look
HowToCrazy Hindi Look

How To Translate a Website or a Specific Web Page into Any Specific Language:

1. Go to google translate page Here 

url box
Input URL
2. Now, input your specific URL in text box as shown in above image.
3. Choose your preferred language from below of the text box section.
4. Click on Search icon.

5. Your website or webpage will show in front of you. into your specific language.

You are all done!
Last words – You can read any website in any language which you want. Just follow above steps and go ahead. If you want to ask any question, just comment below.

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