How To Play YouTube Videos Frame By Frame

Youtube frame by frame can be viewed easily with certain steps. Many videos can be viewed at a time if we use follow these steps. Also, we get a good feel experience while watching them.

Steps to watch Youtube Frame by Frame:

Following are the steps to be followed to watch youtube videos frame by frame:

  1. KeyBoard is needed.
  2. While a video is playing on youtube, Pause the video by pressing the space bar.
  3. To forward a frame press the”>” Period key.
  4. To move backwards a frame press the “<“comma key.

These are the simple steps to watch more videos on youtube frame by frame.


What is Youtube Frame by Frame?


The word “YouTube” is well-known for everyone who is using mobile irrespective of cadre or category. As we all know that YouTube is an Online video sharing platform. First, it is created in America by three PayPal employees in 2005. Later in 2006 google owned it. According to Alexa internet rankings, Youtube is the second most visited platform after Google search.

It allows users to download youtube video and upload the video. Rate them, adding to a playlist, comment and report the video. YouTube and selected creators earn advertising revenue from Google AdSense, a program that targets ads according to site content and audience. There are four products of youtube namely Youtube premium, Youtube kids, Youtube music, Youtube Tv. If we get a Youtube premium then we can watch any video without any ads disturbing the video.


From September 2020, YouTube announced a new feature. YouTube Shorts is the fifteen seconds video similarly to Tik-Tok. It is first tested in India. Similar to TikTok, it gives users access to built-in creative tools, including the possibility of adding licensed music to their videos. We can earn money by creating a youtube channel and uploading interesting content for more people to watch. By satisfying the youtube guidelines or rules we get money.


The Frame is one of the many still images which compose the complete moving picture. It also refers to the edges of the image as seen in a camera viewfinder or projected on a screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube:

Here are some shortcuts on the keyboard while watching youtube:

  • For a Playback video Press “Shift plus K” to start and stop the video.
  • By pressing “Space bar” also we can start and stop the video.
  • To skip or forward 10 seconds of the video press “Shift plus L” on the keyboard.
  • To skip or backwards 10 seconds of the video press “Shift plus J” on the keyboard.
  • For moving to the next video press “Shift plus N”.
  • To play the last or back video press “Shift plus P”. This works only for the playlist.
  • To inch backward frame by frame press “comma”.
  • For forwarding frame by frame press the “period” key or “full stop” key.
  • To increase the speed of the video press “shift and period” at a time. It may take to double speed even.
  • For slowing down the video press ” shift comma” at once. It may take to one- third of the video speed.
  • We can skip 10percent of the video at a time by using number keys. For example, pressing 7 can skip 70 per cent of the video at a time.
  • By pressing “0” it will take you to the start of the video.
  • For turning captions or subtitles on or off press “shift C”.
  • For rotating through brightness press “shift O”.
  • To decrease the font size press “-” minus key.
  • For increasing the size of captions and subtitles press the “+” plus key.
  • To increase the volume by five per cent press the “Up arrow”.
  • For decreasing the volume by five per cent press the “Down arrow”.
  • To skip back five seconds “left arrow” key.
  • For forwarding five seconds “Right arrow” key.
  • To experience the theatre mode press the ” T” key.
  • For full-screen mode press the “F” key.
  • By pressing “shift m” we can mute and unmute videos.