Your Social Media Marketing Guide: How to Market on TikToK

How to Market on TikToK

Social media is always evolving, and winning new formulas takes the world by storm. TikTok is the latest craze, and it’s here for good. And as it nears a billion users, you’re missing out if you don’t know how to market on TikTok.

But we’re not here to waste your time. We’re here to get you educated and ready to make the most of the next big thing.

Crash Course: How to Market on TikTok

From an outsider’s perspective (read: over 30), TikTok looks like just another fad. But the internet has changed the world of marketing – and it’s changed how we process information too.

We’re all fish-brains in the digital age, and as marketers, we need to capitalize on that.

Lesson 1: TikTok Isn’t Instagram

At first glance, TikTok looks like a clone of Instagram. But marketing on TikTok and marketing on Instagram are apples and aardvarks. They’re leagues apart.

So pay attention: Lesson #1, the new boss isn’t the same as the old boss. What worked on other platforms won’t work for TikTok without some surgical precision.

Lesson 2: Stay On top of Trends

From tips and tricks to satire to celebrity gossip and unboxing videos, trends in TikTok are more unstable than the housing market.

But you’ll need to stay on top of them to drive engagement.

Engagement is the holy grail of social media marketing. Engagement means your ads are working. And TikTok engagement – where users are encouraged to gut their attention spans – is what you want.

This means staying up to date, even if trends pivot daily.

Lesson 3: Experiment

Never be afraid to experiment with your marketing strategy.

Viral videos are every marketer’s dream, and they can be boiled down to three common traits:

  • They’re entertaining
  • They’re short
  • They’re replicable

It’s easier to watch a 15-second video than a 60-second one, and it’s more likely to be watched if it’s fun. And if people can repost and copy it, all the better – that’s what viral marketing is at its heart.

And if you need an extra boost on top, you can always buy TikTok likes .

Lesson 4: Run Targeted Ads

Facebook and Google might have written the bible on targeted marketing campaigns, but we’re not in the dark ages anymore. That bible is rewritten hourly by everybody with an internet connection and a loose affiliation with social media marketing.

Targeted ads come in various formats you’re familiar with: In-feed sponsors, branded stickers, and hashtags.

What’s crucial is to focus on native advertising. Anything that looks like an ad and talks like an ad is blocked by the cerebral ad-blocker every millennial and Gen Z-er seems to be born with.

Make your targeted ads look and feel organic, make them fun and engaging, and make people want to share them. That’s your winning formula.

And don’t forget to like and subscr- No. That’s the wrong format again.

Even we get confused, sometimes.

TikTok Is Already the Next Big Thing

There you have it: Our three-minute crash course on how to market and tiktok likes. Take a breather and get to know TikTok on your coffee break.

And then get cracking with your marketing team.

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