How to make people like you – 20 ways to make people happy and like you

How to make people like you
How to make people like you

These days Social become synonymous with Online Social Media. We all know that there is more social in our lives than internet social media is.

We usually greet people with Good Morning or how are you doing, and that is all of it. It is good but is also expected in general. You need to make a positive impression on people so that they remember the memory that it creates and link that memory to you. When it happens quite a few times, people will start liking you. It is like increasing your deposit of positiveness & likeability with every opportunity. You can do increase this deposit whether you are meeting people face to face or communicating over phone, mail, chat, or a video conference.

Sometimes like in interviews, sales, the immediate outcome depends on how people like us. Also, many of us also struggle with other people accepting or liking us. So here are some of the tips about how to make people like you.

How to make people like you when you are with them?

Show People that you care about them

Care about People and make them like you
Care about People and make them like you

Ask People about things like their kids, family, or their favorite sport. Enquire about their health in case they are recently facing any health issues. Enquire about the wellbeing of their elderly parents, if you know about them. I suggest you know about them very well in case they are the people with whom you are going to spend a lot of time like your colleagues.

Another important tip would be to always smile; and having nice teeth will go a long way towards achieving that, according to this dentist within Roseville.

Appreciate them, whether individual or a group

Keen observation and a taste for empathy take you a long way in making people like you. In case you hurry every time, you do not get time to observe and talk to people. Observe any difference when you meet people and appreciate that, it can be a new dress, a new haircut. You can also appreciate them for their achievements that you are familiar with.  In case you are addressing a group of people, make sure you also appreciate the group rather than just limiting it to one or two people. Do not hold back and feel like your appreciation may look unnatural. When people are happy they do not analyze much about why it makes them happy and reason about it.

Make people empowered by seeking their help

Many people spend their lives doing routine tasks, following instructions, mostly being led. Particularly children, elderly people at home, domestic help, people working in entry-level jobs, etc. It is rare that a teenager yelling back to elders to stop preaching or instructing. Even many employees leave their company or their bosses, when they think they are not empowered but just instructed.

By asking their advice or seeking a favor, you are not making things easy for you, but also making other people feel powerful. Who is giving them the opportunity, it’s is you.

Do not take people for Granted

It is very common that we start to take people for granted once we are in a comfortable zone in a relationship. Whether it is a spouse, your parents, friends, colleagues, or any people for say. These people respect and love you. But once you started ignoring them or keep demanding, basically you are turning them away.

Be appreciative, use thank you, reciprocate with actions or gifts. It will make feel good.

Be Humble

make people like you by being humble
make people like you by being humble

It does not matter what you are and what you have achieved unless you are humble and stay among people. Many people have expressed this particular concern to me and I too can feel it sometimes about me. Do not try to act like you or your life is perfect, we all have flaws.  People feel comfortable with those who are similar to them.

Be Personal

Often call people by their Name

It makes people very much happy when they are called by their name, they feel that you care for them. If you do not know their name, you can always seek the name.  They like the extra effort you are taking to know about them. Remembering rich people’s Names pays rich dividends too, many famous leaders are very good at this.

But you need to know that, in some cultures calling elder people by name is considered offensive. So it would help in case you can personalize by knowing how they are called in their cultures.

Enquire about personal things

Enquire people about their personal things like Health, Family, elder Parents, their favorite sports teams, and how they are doing in their work or studies.

Try to share your personal things also with people, do not overdo though. When you people feel that you trust them, they reciprocate it.

Let them talk

People hate when you cut in between making them stop talking abruptly. They feel like they are not values and you are arrogant. Sometimes your point of view may be right, but it can wait for some more seconds. When people feel you are listening to them carefully, they like you and they consider what you say.

Reflect them – The commonalities bonds individuals

Most of the People usually likes about them, whether it is about their looks, their opinions, their choices or their achievements. You can find many commonalities between you when you care and start knowing people. When people feel that you are similar to them, they will be more positive about you. They see themselves in you.

Maintain Right Body Language when you meet new people

When you are meeting new people for family, pleasure or for work, try to maintain a right body language sending positive signals. Look confident, Smile often and maintain eye contact. Avoid Negative expressions like Hesitation, very low or high voice, turning away and talking, etc. Be careful that in some cultures maintaining eye contact is considered either aggressive or intimidating.

Avoid three Cs

Avoid too much Comparison, Criticism, and Complaining. Often we do this with an intention of doing good, but we end up doing the opposite. We have to be happy and content with what we are receiving from people and for that, they are able to achieve. Otherwise, we will end up criticizing or complaining about them often than we think we are doing. Nobody likes a lot of criticism, irrespective of your position (Parent, Boss, Spouse, Teacher, etc)

Spend time with People

When people hang around with you, they know you better and they will start liking you for the good things. You too get time to know them and improve your relation accordingly.

How to make people like you when you are not with them?

Send them to feel good and caring messages

When you send messages with positive content to people, they bring positive emotions to them. It makes them feel more cared for and connected with you. Try to keep the messages genuine with a personal touch. These days with Social Media and mobiles receive a lot of messages, but you can make difference with a genuine and well thought through message.

Send them Gifts


A gift always makes a person happy, this is how we are made from our childhood. It makes them feel scared. Sometimes it is expected you gift them in functions or occasions, you have to follow the norms here. But sometimes you can make people like you by sending them surprising gifts when they are not expected.

Do not talk on their Back

Trust and integrity are very essential to hold a strong personality. People do not like others who have a weaker personality. Although a little gossip is okay, when you talk about people on their back, you basically are creating your enemy. Forget about that they liking you at any time.

Recommend People

When a person knows that you recommended them for certain work or personal matters, they not only feel great but also respect you very much. More often than less, these recommendations reciprocate. It works that way both personally as well as in Business.

Praise about them

Praise people in public, individuals, and groups for all the good things they are about, do not criticize or complain too much.  Send people thankyou notes for direct or indirect help you are your known ones got from them.

Do you have experiences that worked for you and you would like to share? Please feel free and comment here.